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I know for a fact that the ASUS Rampage III Extreme supports VT-d and just so happens to be decent at overclocking, too :stuck_out_tongue: I used it myself, in fact still have it, just sitting here.
Btw, I’d go for the X5680 instead of the X5675, it’s, like, $9 more expensive and gets you two additional multipliers (x24, x25; the X5675 only goes to x23)


Just to add a X79 option, the X79S-UP5 guarantees Xeon compatibility (Intel C606 chipset) and has a quite beefy VRM. I use it on my E5-1660. The OC makes it pretty much a Ryzen 5 1600X (if no Meltdown patches)

I happen to have 2 or 3 X5670’s lying around. I’ve thought of building a VM server with 2 of them, but I lack a motherboard. Are there any dual socket boards any of you’d recommend that also support VT-d and ECC DDR3? Overclocking would be nice, but I think that’s a pipe dream in a dual socket board.

There are a few Supermicro X8DT* boards floating around on ebay for $100 to $200. Supports VT-d and regECC, no overclocking though.

EDIT: Or you could get an EVGA SR-2 and have the best of both worlds. But you’d be spending between $700 and $1000+ :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see how its worth buying those components compared to e.g. 2600x … Unless you have a source that gets them to you for free.

The CPUs you’re mentioning are $40 on eBay, a motherboard is hard to find, hard to get right… probably about $100… Cooling 50-100, you’re sitting at 200 with no built-in GPU.

2600x is around 220, motherboard around 50-70, and around double the performance out of the box, with all modern bells and whistles like usb3 on the motherboard.

Does anyone know if the huanan Chinese boreds support vt-d or overclocking. I know they do support ECC but not sure about the rest I’ve seen they make great x79 and x58 boards even with on board m.2


The x79 does overclock with multiplier unlocked cpus.
At this time stamp in a bios walk through it shows Intel virtualization technology.

The cpuz screenshot is showing vt-x is supported.

Some more digging and it seems that VT-d isn’t supported. It is mentioned in this bios modding thread. https://forums.overclockers.ru/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=580210&p=15521343 I would bet that the Chinese x58 boards are in the same boat.

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Personally these huanan look like great value test systems

I wouldn’t OC those cheap “New” X79" boards. Those are what a manufacturer makes off to the side on a hand assembled line with low quality components.

Try to find the X79S-UP5 if you can. That’s a solid board.

There’s an art to getting your way, and spitting olive pits across the table isn’t it.

I was going to suggest ordering from the states and then ship it to you, but they are around $220 here.

When did mobo’s get so expensive? lol.

I’ve seen two youtube reviewers say they were good boards, unless you planned on going for a high overclock. Then they would be bad boards as they have crappy VRM’s.

According to this guy.

There is a Huanan board out on the market that has a better VRM.

Their is even a Huanan board that supports nvme.

EDIT: It appears that the board that supports NVME only supports boot if you are using WIN10. Which is really sad for the Linux/BSD/other OS users.

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Yeah have seen a few reviewers say they are good. Thinking about replacing my Haswell e3-1231 V3 and msi gaming mobo with one for ECC and more cores for vms aswell as multiple Pci-e full length slots

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Because EOL, hard to get, make them that expensive.

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vt-d with iommu with x58 chipset is not recommended,
There is an article from 2016 that contains information about the Intel 55x0 chipset errata - Interrupt remapping issue. Intel 5500/5520/X58 chipset revision 0x13 and 0x22 have an errata (#47 and #53) which makes the IOMMU interrupt remapping unit unreliable. This erratum causes interruptions and the interrupt remapping invalidations become unresponsive. This bug hasn’t been fixed , that is the reason why you shoud concider at least an X79 chiset related board.
My board has the same issue on the iommu. I was planning on doing simular things with my hardware…
For that reason I’m looking for a Intel C602/X79 chipset based board.
You can google for “c8220 build” if you plan on doing a little demanding project or simply buying an old workstation HP Z420/620/820 V1 or V2, Dell T3600/T5600 or T3610/T5610, Lenovo C30/D30/S30 V1 or V2
The difference in V1 vs. V2 ist the support for E5-basesd xeon-cpus. Dell made ist easier to find a difference V1 an V2 based Xeons. They just renamed their product line. You can find quit alot of information on that matter asking google. I hope this helps making a decision.