Top Five Best VPNs?

Just wondering which VPN (or VPNs) are the best? In other words which has best encryption, connectivity, price point? Also, include any relevant criteria. Thanks.

I'm using PIA that logan recommended. I can recommend it highly, but will admit I haven't tried any competing services yet. They have a fairly large list of servers to connect to, 3 Encryption types, 2 Authentication methods, and 6 handshake protocols. You can either run it from your desktop with their super simple client or manually set up a connection and even install it to your router. Prices range from about $7US and down, for 5 devices per subscription, and they have their own T1 and T3 networks.


Picking a VPN seems to be like picking your first SSD. Sure, one may be a bit better than others but in the end It's worlds better than what you have now.

Was wondering the same thing. I started using the 3 day trial for Hot spot shield and already I noticed a significant difference in streaming 1080p.

Not sure if I should go with hot spot shield or PIA. I'm in Canada btw.

been using AirVPN for about 4months now. good speed, good ping, local and international servers, easy application to use. They are said to keep no records, ( there's no real way for you or i to know that with any VPN ) 

Have not looked into setting it up router side as my linksys router doesn't support VPN's on ddwrt, so not sure if it supports it.

found it in a list that addressed what you're asking. can't find it now. listed reliability/record keeping/cost/security(add-on bloatware spyware included with software) of many VPNs, airVPN just looked good to me, gave it a shot, been a pleasure

You can't even Compare HotSpot Shield to Private Internet Access. HotSpot Shield is pure junk, Wether it be the Free or Paid version. They Log, Inject Ads, Aren't open about what type of Encrytion/Protocols they use? They Force you to use their Propietary Client with no option to use  OpenSource OpenVpn Client along with .Opvn config files. And try uploading a large file While useing HotSpot Shield, It will Fail everytime.

So Between those two choices you are way better off choseing PIA. A couple other options worth looking at are.

I've pesonally not used PIA, EarthVpn, Boxpn or AirVpn. But they are reasonably priced And Claim to not log, And have a wide selection of servers, As well as being rated highly in reviews. I'm currently useing CyberGhost Vpn. They are always having giveaways, So i was able to get a Free 1yr Premium Plus Sub.

Thanks. This was very helpful. :)

I will give PIA a closer look.


How's CyberGhost?

Well you can try their Free Service (Windows Client Only) 20+ Servers,14 Countries. Encryption-AES 256-bit. Protocol-OpenVPN. UDP/Port 9xxx. They have a 1minute waiting time to connect for Free Users, And Limited Speeds. Plus you will be Disconnected after 3hrs of use and will have to Manually Reconnect.

They are Open about what they log and do not log, They do not log Ip address's, Sites visited or any information that can identifiy their users. They log the amount of bandwidth used and statistical information. There Headquarters was originally based in Germany.(Now Based in Romania) In Germany they were taken to court due to Illegal activity conducted by a User or Users. In which the courts Seized all of their servers( Cyberghost faught the case refused to hand anything over or atempt to obtain any info on their users) But even after the Courts Seized all their servers they were still not able to Identify any of their users or the user or users they were after. (They have a whole blog written about the Case on their Forum) Cyberghost is also Actively against NSA and spreading awareness About the NSA's actions and the need for more Privacy.

They also clearly state they are aware their service attracts Criminals, And the same Privacy they offer law abideing citizens and people under oppression also gives privacy to people who conduct illegal activities. And they still won't log.

Their Premium/Premium Plus users have access to over 250+ Servers. 20+ Countries. They can use Cyberghost's Client for Windows, Mac(Beta), iOS, And soon they will release a Android client, And they are susposed to be working on one for Linux. Or You can use OpenSource OpenVpn client and download .Opvn configs. And they have info in your account setting for setting up OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec,
PPTP on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux.

Now when it comes to their speeds, I can't comment on the experiences of others useing their service

The Normal Speeds i pay for.

2.4gig test file - (Average) 3.4MB/sec

CyberGhost Connected - US. Server.

2.4gig test file - (Average) 2.5MB/sec

Also they are about to release updates to their client for the option to  Select TCP instead of UDP,  And a random Port out of a Predifined range (which will be updated periodically)

So overall im pleased with them, Even more so since i got the Premium 1yr Sub for Free.

I tried the free service earlier in the afternoon.For some odd reason,i like the GUI.My speeds tanked but i suspect that might be because i'm on the free servers? I haven't tried viewing videos using the VPN.Not yet.

I tried getting the code for the 1 year sub over here

The giveaway is still live but i couldn't get it after using a VPN.They limit the giveaway to UK based people.Hence why i used a VPN.

In retrospect,i realize my stupidity. Using a CG server to obtain CG subs.Pretty damn dumb on my account. Now i need to find a way to get a UK IP to get the code.

Yeah i'm aware of that giveaway, Its been posted on a few forums, So i'm sure its been hit hard by People from the UK Along with people useing UK Ip's from Proxy's/Vpn's. So i'm sure the Website is black listing Ip's after they obtain A certain number of lisences.

Try Setting up your browser to use a Uk Proxy from this website,     Set the Proxy Speed - Faster Than 1000 Ms.

Or just Google Search, Free Uk Proxy List's. And try every different Ip range Under the Sun for UK Ip's.

You will prolly have to visit the site more than once, First to Request the License, Then again after waiting for it to be Approved and delivered, If i remember correctly they issue it to you on the website directly to your account in a specific section.




I completely blanked out on proxies. Thanks for reminding about them.

Tried the proxies there and on some other sites.Looks like the boffins over at the website have done this well.Most of the proxies i tried are blacklisted on that website.