Top 15 Favorite Movies...Period

1. Inception

2. The Prestige

3-5. Dark Knight Trilogy

6. Fight Club

7. Memento

8. Citizen Kane

9-11. LOTR

12. Up

13. Monsters Inc

14 and so on- Harry Potter

1. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind.

1.5 Howls Moving Castle

2. Darkside Blues

3. Akira

4. Ghost in the shell (Original)

4.5 Heavy Metal

5. Black Magic M66

5.5 Cowboy Bebop

6. Wicked City

7. What Dreams May Come

8. Apple Seed ( Original )

8.5 Trigun Movie

9. Apple Seed ( remake )

10. The Storm Riders

11. The Warrior's way

there was a good amount of great and epic movies but those are the ones I seem to find myself watching over and over again. I watched Samurai X to much to want to watch it again.

  1. American Psycho
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. Donnie Darko
  4. The Fifth Element
  5. Saving Private Ryan
  6. Brick
  7. Moon
  8. Total Recall
  9. RocknRolla
  10. Taxi Driver
  11. Alien
  12. Goodfellas
  13. Reservoir Dogs
  14. Brazil
  15. Cypher

did you see the pics from the new robocop remake???

1- Robocop 3

2- Death Sentence

3- Hostel

4- Saving Private Ryan

5- Fearless

6- Catch me if You can

7- Fight Club

8- Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

9- Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

10- Saw (only the first one)

11- Silence of the Lambs

12- Red Dragon

13- Avengers

14- Batman Begins

15- Without a Paddle


To this day I can never tell if Full Metal Jacket is a comedy or not. I just find it so damn funny.


Off the top of my head:

1. Princess Mononoke or Mononoke-hime if you like.

2. Kingdom of Heaven

3. Quest for the Holy Grail

4. LotR Extended Editions

5. Gladiator

6. Master and Commander

7. Oliver Twist (Random I know but its awesome)

8. Ironclad (Not the greatest story but amazing pecial effects)

9. 2001: A Space Oddessey

10. Children of Men

11. I Am Legend

12. Blackhawk Down

13. Spirited Away


No particular order.


pulp fiction
shawshank redemption
grave of the fireflies
Master and commander
I saw the devil
book of eli
The green mile
Monsters ball
Sin city

  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. Trainspotting
  3. Casino
  4. Mad Max
  5. Shaun of the Dead
  6. Lost in Translation
  7. Layer Cake
  8. Darkman
  9. Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
  10. Akira
  11. Ghost in the Shell
  12. Cube
  13. SLC Punk
  14. Gummo
  15. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

These were not listed in any particular successive order.

In no particular order

Fight Club

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction


Righteous Kill

Mr. Brooks

The Big Lebowski

Big Stan


Blade 1-3

Suicide Kings

SLC Punk

Catch me if You can

Pirates of the Carribean (Any of them)

Back to the Future 1 and 2 (3 was trash)

#1 The Shining

#2 Shawshank Redemption

#3 Return Of The Jedi

#4 Star Wars (Return Of The Jedi)

#5 The Uninvited

#6 The Pirates Of The Carribean (First one)

#7 Indania Jones

#8 Physco

#9 Toy Story

#10 The Excorcist

And that's about it, not really a movie person... Any horror movies, good ones not stupid shit like texas chanisaw massacre