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Top 100 Games (PC Mag)


Star Wars Battlefront made the list, so did No Man's Sky. CSGO seems to be missing.
And why is PC mag listing games that are xbox only?
People actually would spend money on PC mag, a long time ago:)



Mh, CSGO wasn't released this or last year sooo, kinda fine with that.

Battlefront? Idk, I played the beta, was kinda dull... then again I'm not a multiplayer-shooter-type anway. For the xbox games I assume it's because of the whole crossplatform thing for xbox games on Windows 10 (they are still labeled xbox releases, not PC releases).

To be honest I never really cared about these "top X" games of Y lists, tastes are kinda different :confused:

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It sometimes starts a conversation about what is a great game. Found some great games that way.
And it gives everyone a chance to Flame PC Mag instead of Flaming eachother.

Right on about Battlefront. Having loved X-wing and Tie Fighter it was a huge disapointment.

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That list is random af. Should be called "What we like 2017".



I thought it was a good list with a lot of classic games that are now available on the cheap. Thanks for sharing.

Do I like all of them or think it's a top 100... no. That comes down to person preference. Any list like this is going to have a few "You actually liked that game?" and a couple "Where's my favorite?" moments that makes one wonder "Who wrote this?". I think these lists are for n00bs with a few dollars to spend or for a Mom who doesn't know what game to get Junior for his birthday.

Don't let this happen to your kid.



The list should have been "Games that came out 2017"



I would've switched out a couple of games from the shooter categories. For me, I would've added Unreal or SiN in place of CoD: Black Ops (not saying that BO wasn't great or anything, but it wasn't as fun or groundbreaking (maybe not so much for SiN) as either of those two games, in my opinion). Heck throw in Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, or Doom 2016 for that matter. I would've switched out Battlefront for either of the Battlefronts from Pandemic studio or for Unreal Tournament 2004. I've only recently played UT2K4 so I missed out on the action I could've had in its heyday, but it too is more enjoyable than Battlefront 2015. I'll give Battlefront 2015 props for being gorgeous and pedantically faithful to its source.
- Even before I get accused of nostalgia....of which I am guilty....



Witcher 3 came out in 2015. And it’s still the best game on PC I’va ever played.

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  1. It’s a couple years old thread…
  2. You haven’t played many games if the Witcher 3 is the best you have played…