Top 10 Forum CMS?


New on the Forums here! :D Can you guys suggest a Forum CMS From top 1-10 and give your thoughts about it?.. Simply the pro's & cons.

Basically i'm looking for a minimalistic forum layout with a touch of modern look. Also i forgot to add that i am also looking to add Buy & Sell Option on the side where people can also advertise jobs,where to contact.. etc... Just like eBay but no bidding,buy it now, or the other stuff that ebay has... Basically just Create an Advert with title,details & Price. I'm sure most of you will give a great suggestion here =D Oh and a model about premium ads.. where companies can put their ads listing and pay a premium monthly.. for an affordable price.

Thanks a lot

This forum engine, Discourse, would be the best except the cost is prohibitive unless you already have a very popular forum that will get a lot of use. The software itself is free but hosting is very expensive and the Digital Ocean pre-installed server is a minimum of $20 per month.

Other best options are PHP BB, Simple Machines, and My BB. There are non free options like IP Boards or V Bulletin but they're expensive and less secure. IPB has the best interface but you could probably find a forum skin that looks almost as nice for a free forum. I use SMF for my currently unused forum that I want to have when needed. PHP BB feels very complicated but it looks like it's the most common. My BB looks nice but it has some weird idiosyncrasies.

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This Forum Engine is based on Drupal Right?, I have heard about this, but they have left support for the Drupal Forum Engine Way back. Discourse is cool, although most of the forums that i know that use this kinda look the same. IPB and VB are Too expensive to buy. Will probably go for the free ones but it will be difficult to find plugins for it.

This forum uses Discourse. This and some other forums have a different theme from what is standard, so they can be customized. Digital Ocean has a one click app to create a server with it already installed. It is technically free, but the app on DO has a minimum size of $20 per month.

I wouldn't recommend VB. It's expensive and has some nice features but the style of it is way too dated unless you can find a theme that radically changes the appearance. IPB has a better style but might technically be outdated to some people because it doesn't have the flat colors.

Something like PHP BB or SMF would be best.