Too many Assassin Creed games

Is it just me or is this series just burning out. I feel like they are not creating a want for this series. Look at how Bethesda takes time to create a game and make people excited for it. I think they need to take a break from this series and work on some new projects.

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I stopped playing at AC3 wanted to try black flag, but the series is like the story that never ends. This is compounded by poor, anti-consumer policies. They are not as bad as say, E.A., but it is enough that It has drawn out my interest in the story and especially the game-play. They really just need to end it all, or change directions.

Well, do I have a mouthful on the AC series. So I liked the first one. Second one and it's variants (the ones in Italy) were great. The third one I didn't like so much. Now black flag I loved. When you got tired of jumping around, you got on your cool customizable ship and plundered the seas. I love pirates anyway, had a nice LEGO Pirates collection (whats up with the box behind you in every Tek, Logan?!). Then I got a SSD. So I cloned C drive to the SSD, and deleted the D partition with the games. I was like "all the saves are on Steam cloud and with my connection I reinstall in no time". I installed Black flag and BOOM, no saves. Then I googled a bit and UPlay handled the cloud save. They disabled the cloud temporarily for some save corrupting software issues. IT HAS BEEN DISABLED FOR 18 MONTHS WHEN I CHECKED IT. And that was a year ago. I lost about 120 hours, looking for every collectible and hidden secret. I do not trust them anymore. I might get Rougue, when the price drops under 10$, but I am not buying any more AC.

Sorry for the rage.

TLDR: UPlay disabled cloud save and did not bother to repair or mention it, lost 120 hours. Now I have trust issues.

i love assassins creed, i thought 3 was awesome but i hated connor, black flag was amazing ( i love pirates ) but both thise games had so much to do, with the last 2 i felt it was a step back to just jumping around a city with very little interaction, yeah they looked great but when you cant do anything whats the point. even in the last one for all its flaws had a sweet character customisation....

conclusion - they were getting open world right to the point where you had to sail it, crafting, customization and micro management was awesome and they just reigned it all back in to jumping between buildings and stabbing a guy

The series has been dead for me since AC3.

This. SO much this. Sure, Bethesda games are buggy, but who cares. At least they don't put out a new game every year. They make you wait, and that helps build anticipation, and (with Elder Scrolls) I know before even playing the game that I'm going to buy every expansion and play the hell out of it. I still play Skyrim and it's been out over 4 years now and I'm still having fun with it.

By putting out new games all the time there is no anticipation. You're just buying the new game to have the new game, and you'll have to do it again next year to keep up with the times, like with CoD.

I agree. I instantly regretted buying the Ubi humble bundle due to this. The titles are just run down, but that is a lot of content Ubisoft is putting out (including these weird 'side' movies).
Maybe Ubi is 'too big to fail' lol

I had a topic a while back related to this, seems like the company is making some bad decisions.