Tone deaf test? Mad easy or just bs?

 Hello fellow audio enthusiasts and audiophiles,

Last night i found this "Tone deaf test" and after completing it several times  i got scores of around 86. 

Jake Mandell (the author of the test) writes: "The test is purposefully made very hard, so excellent musicians rarely score above 80% correct. Give it a try!"  

This made me wonder if this test is representative at all. So could someone with more experience on audio/music give some insight? 

Knowing myself and the scores that I got- I call this BS. 

What do you think about this test?





I got 88.9% correct and I messed up twice at least because of not paying attention. It's more of a memory test/attention test really, the midi instrument choice is terrible and examples are too long and differences are obvious unless you are really tonedeaf. I'm a music school student, supposedly had 12 years lessons.

I also put other as race because this is fucking racism. Fuck this study.

Please tell me you are trolling.

This test is just about your memory. Generic person gets around 85% as far as I can see. Musicians should probably score higher.

If you want hard, try pitch test on the same website.


I also got an 88.9%. I agree that it is more of a memory test. I would like to see some sort of evidence that this is an accurate test.

Yes and no, I'm half serious, what the hell do they care of your race? What differences are they hoping to discover?? There's no point in asking for it if you're promoting "race tolerancy".

What differences are they hoping to discover?

Differences in test results of people from different races? They may exist, they may not. I don't see any logic in calling it racist.

This fighting racism thing in many cases is more of an issue than racism itself.