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Tom Hardware 2019 CPU Predictions Intel stuck at 14 nm AMD will have 7nm process



As anyone read the article Tom Hardware posted on there website on December 24, 2018. They basically predict that Intel 10nm processors won’t be available until the end of 2019. At the same time, The article said that AMD’s Lisa Su recently announced its Zen 2 microarchitecture paired with the 7nm process in the EPYC server chips. Those chips will start shipping in early 2019. Now comes the prediction They predict (Meaning Tom Hardware) because AMD has already perfected their 7nm process The Zen 2 Ryzen family should be based on the same 7nm process and should be available sometime in the second quarter of this year. Wouldn’t be nice if not only did they beat Intel in offering a 7nm CPU, but they also beat Intel in offering a CPU the common man could afford. What do you think I want to know. I also think they will within 2 years (Meaning AMD) will have 50 percent of the whole chip market. I am really excited about the computer industry now more than ever. In case you missed the article I have included a link to the article.

I also have started a poll to see what you think will happen.

  • How likely AMD is going to beat Intel in having the 7nm process.
  • How likely Intel having the 7nm process before AMD.

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I also have started a poll to see how likely AMD will have a Zen 2 Ryzen with the 7nm process.

  • Will Zen 2 Ryzen Family have the 7nm process.
  • Will Zen 2 Ryzen Family have the 10nm process

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I am also starting a poll to see how many members think when will the Ryzen Family will be based on the 7nm process.

  • Second Quater of this year 7nm process.
  • Second Quarter of this year 10 process.
  • Third Quarter of this Year 7nm process.
  • Third Quater of this year 10nm process.
  • Fourth Quater of this year 7nm process.
  • fourth Quater of this year 10nm process.
  • No new Ryzen’s until next year.

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I think AMD will get to 7nm first. But I wouldn’t try to predict anything else.


Fairly sure AMD is announcing Zen 2 desktop parts at CES on the 9th of January. Also sure they’re set to launch in April/May as the other Zen parts did. AMD has been pushing to show that their roadmap for the Zen architecture can be trusted, I don’t think they think that they can stop showing that the roadmap is reliable just yet.

Anyway, Zen 2 on 7nm will be coming this year, I’m very sure about that.


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Idk if copy pasta, bot, or troll.


I have heard that the AMD 7nm Transistor size is very similar to the Intel 10nm Transistor size and they use different metrics to determine the size of the transistors. Is Tom’s Hardware comparing apples to oranges?


Holy shit that guy was in here too? I’ll give him tenacity.

As for 2nd Gen Ryzen I think they will definitely be on 7nm but I think the clock speeds still won’t be there. I would love a 4700X (or whatever) to be 4.4Ghz but I doubt we will see it.


According to the article, it doesn’t mention there is any difference between the metrics AMD and Intel use to determine the size of the transistors, so we can’t tell if Tom’s Hardware is comparing apples to oranges.


Well gen 1 1700x could hit 4.0 and sometimes 4.1ghz (from a 3.4 base), I don’t remember the 2700x (edit 4.3ghz under its own boost system over the 3.7ghz stock) but it had to be a bit more again. The next up 3700x should be 7nm and likely higher clock potential again, so that should be capable of 4.3ghz easy. It is not much of a leap, unless they are shipping on the ragged edge of stability, to expect an over clock of 4.4 without many issues.

By 4700x stage it would nearly be shipping with 4.4ghz stock if the extrapolation keeps up.


Zen 2 will likely hit 5Ghz. At least the 8-core part should.


My next upgrade…

16 cores 32 threads here I come!

if it can do 5 ghz boost then I will be ecstatic… but I wont be too crushed if all I get is MOAR CORES.


2nd gen Ryzen is already here on the Zen+ node(12nm). Zen2 or 3rd Generation Ryzen is coming in “mid 2019”, and will have the designations 3***(X). I very much expect a boost in clock speeds, how far they’ll go is up in the air. But I’ll be very surprised if it’s less than at least a 0.3-0.4GHz jump in boost(getting Ryzen 3 to 4.6-4.7GHz), likely more, but I guess that’s up to AMD to decide. All we know now is that with an engineering sample running at ~100W compared to intel’s ~170W 9900K(exact numbers escape me atm) and unknown clock speeds was about on par in Cinebench. Buut, we also know that most engineering samples showing up on benchmark sites, like userbenchmarks, have had clocks in the region of 3.5GHz. (3.2 base 3.7 boost according to the cpu code)

Anyway, it’s soon March, and I fully expect we’ll see a proper unveiling at Computex for the Zen 2 desktop parts.



Yes, TSMCs 7nm and Intel’s 10nm are similar in size depending on how you measure them. TSMC measures in one direction and Intel in another(or something like that). Also I’ve heard that TSMC didn’t shrink some parts as much as Intel, which is apparently why Intel has had so many more issues with their 10nm than TSMC has had with 7nm.


I’m hoping you mean on boost. If the 4700X (or whatever it’s going to be) will be 4.2Ghz stock with a 5Ghz boost or OC then holy shit are we in for a ride.


Yes, as I wrote: “But I’ll be very surprised if it’s less than at least a 0.3-0.4GHz jump in boost”.

And it will be called 3XXX not 4XXX, 4th gen ryzen will be Zen2+ or Zen3 I don’t remember what the roadmap looks like for the Zen node.


I can across this You Tuber, and thought everyone who has been posting in this post would find this video interesting.

So I have questions, I would like to ask my fellow Level 1 forum members. Do you think this You Tuber information is correct? We won’t see any Zen 2 not being available until July 7. The Zen 2 Processors will run hotter than the previous versions. And finally, will we see a Zen 2 processor having 16 cores and 32 threads?


Nothing RedGaming Tech says in that videos is exactly “news” when it comes to Ryzen rumours, and nothing fails the sniff test of “that sounds entirely unreasonable”. But I don’t really follow RGT much so I can’t really say for sure how reliably he hits close to the mark with rumours. Then again, it all sounds like plausible information that I’ve heard before from other “reliable” rumour smiths.


I blame lack of caffeinated beverages to my previous response.


Actually I don’t think you were replying to me at all, but I got a notification even though I was sure I’d turned the “watch status” of this thread to normal. :stuck_out_tongue: