Today's video : 2022-07-21 - It's Not Delivery ..... -- Super Micro MBs -- let us not forget (-;

Love your videos, and I love MicroCenter too, but don’t forget about this

That might have been a special case, but a chip the size of a grain of rice, seems like any intelligence agency that can get a manufacturer to add that would do so.

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This story is a clickbait sham, just like it was seven years ago.

Someone at Bloomberg put out a bullshit story in 2015 with ‘anonymous’ sources, and then another one in 2018 whose only source was their own 2015 story and “one person familiar with the process” with no evidence whatsoever. Both have been refuted by every manufacturer and business they mention, and every intelligence agency that’s commented has found no evidence of it.

It’s obvious the author has no idea what they’re talking about and just tried to put something together that would sound feasible + scary and go viral. And other tabloids ate that shit up.

There are US defense contractors that use SuperMicro hardware for work that’s more closely protected than anything this story’s well-known-company-of-the-month will ever be. We had very close contacts and actually had a couple of our own SKUs spun up with some specialized network hardware.

Getting tired of seeing people propagate this.


I had always assumed the bloomberg story was as an attempt at manipulating supermicro’s stock price for monetary gain… no other explanation makes sense.
If one was to rat a motherboard they would use existing hardware (or at a minimum pads) on the board, they wouldn’t add to the bom and change the layout of the board.

I can see your side, but I think the original Bloomberg article (only linked in what I have posted), seems pretty solid, given that we’re talking about national security. They don’t ever admit anything, right?

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lol turned out to be fake.

multiple 3 letter agencies investigated the claims all came to the same conclusion.
the story was a made up to help boost tumps anti china rhetoric.
so he had less opposition when he started a trade war with them, with his tariffs.

amazon and others were fully compliant with requests and transparently handed over anything that might be pertinent to the claims.
claims that were eventually disproven entirely (but not before it was found the nsa had actually been doctoring cisco hardware itself. when that nugget dropped, this story went away.)

so yeah the story was fake and ended up being an embarrassment.


Not only was it fake we did a video explaining how it would be done if it weren’t fake.

Hint. Not that. AND it would be easier to achieve the same outcome with zero visible modifications assuming you had access to one of a dozen or so chips anywhere in the supply chain

Fine to leave the thread up. Lots of people will probably still think the same thing and not realize


Actually related to the video, I would like to see GE-Proton DevOps in a Docker container so you could test GE-Proton from git. Would be super handy in combination with the Steam Cache on stuff like Steam Deck.

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