Tobii EyeX Controller - Eye Tracking Device

Did not see anything about the EyeX here on the forums so I decided to give a quick first impressions as I got mine yesterday.

Tobii EyeX Controller >

The EyeX device itself feels nice and solid built. It mounts to your monitor with a small self-adhesive steel bracket (comes with two) and the device itseld attached via magnet. But the device also has two threaded holes, so you could build you own mount. This might be needed if you are sitting to far from your monitor and your eyes would be out of the detection range.

What did it cost:
83,00 EUR - Device with a 30% coupon
20,00 EUR - Shipping
25,75 EUR - VAT

Did not have any problems installing and calibrating the device. And overall I am pretty impressed with how it works. Even though I don't have much use for it except for ARMA3 and I 'll put up a video of how it works in arma later. But honestly I bought it just for A3.
Also I had some trouble getting it to work with A3 in the first place as it needed a edit in the A3 userconfig file as described here:

In Windows 8.1 you can only use the eye tracking to warp the mouse cursor where you are looking, for Win10 there are some more features.

And if you are wondering: it works with glasses (you may need to clean them, as i learned ...).

A quick video of the tracking on desktop and in arma:

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Cool! My first thought was will it work in Elite:Dangerous?

you can't blame me, sorry, I ordered directly from tobii.

As with Win8.1 limited: as you can only allow your mouse to warp where you are looking.
I tested it yesterday only for a bit on the desktop and it was easy to locate and different desktop icons and bring the mouse there, but did not test any other desktop application.

I have the steelseries sentry which uses the tobii eyex controller. I've only used it with Assassin's Creed Rogue since it came with the game key and Elite Dangerous. It works great in AC Rogue but I haven't been impressed with it in ED. I might just need to adjust my settings some more but so far I prefer my TrackIR. I use a 40" monitor and I have to sit a little closer to the screen than I like in order for the eyex to track my eye movement properly. There are several menus in ED that are activated when you turn the view toward them but they take up 1/3 of the screen. So my eyes have to move in order to read them on a 40" screen that I'm sitting 3ft from and it makes it hard to keep the menus active because the eye tracking is constantly readjusting based on my gaze. With the TrackIR, I just have to hold my head in a fixed position to pull up the menu and my eyes are free to move down the text.