To the gtc 780 ti owners-nvidia driver gimping

hello everyone, and by everyone i mean the 780 ti owners, i was wondering could some of you do a little test for me. i cant find any current 780 ti benchmarks, and i want to test out a hypothesis. i thin nvidia is gimping cards, older ones, with drivers and i need some current benchmarks for just a few games such as crysis 3 and metro last light. heres the toms hardware review and benchmarks,3663-3.html
use the same settings and core clocks but with the newest drivers. i just want to see if they gimp the cards over time even with older games, we know they do with new ones, but no ones look at older games to my knowledge.

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This is known and documented.

Look at the Witcher 3 benchmarks and Project CARS benchmarks. The 960 is beating the 780, not the ti but close. It seems to be in games with newer games with the updated GameWorks blackboxes.

Not sure about older games but users are reporting that going back to 350.xx drivers gives them better performance. As opposed to 352.xx+ drivers.

i know its well documented for new games, especially with the gameworks crap attached, but what about older games with the new drivers?

This is worth testing all right but I am not an nVidia user because of this exact reason on top of several others. All laid out here in this post.

This is true the problem is you basically give up Gsync if you go that far back. there were several bad Gsync patches prior to 350+. Sad that i went all in on 780ti sli and the swift to get pissed all over by nvidia.

Might they be doing this to widen the gap between the 780ti and the 980 since the 780ti especially overclocked performed so well.

I just upgraded from a 270x to a 960 4gb and I love the new card but if nvidia keeps up their proprietary and shady business practices towards customers I'll be back to AMD in 2016 for their R9 400 series cards. I do have to say the evga 960 ssc 4gb performs quite well though, It firestrikes a 7441 when my 270x only managed a 5989.

No offense but the 285/380 will beat the 960 especially at higher resolutions and with filters and AA turned up. Cheaper too. The 960 can't even effectively use 4GB of VRAM so... Kept the receipt did you?

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I've heard about this and as a guy who bought a 780ti because 960 is too weak, 970 is crippled and cant afford a 980 this makes me very angry. I might just go full team red after zen