To raid 0 or to raid 10

So i have 2 Plextor M9Pe AIC 1TB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 x4 and 2 Plextor M9Pe M.2 2280 1TB NVMe PCI-Express drives I’m wandering if I should run them in raid 0 or 10? All data will be backed up daily to a 10tb hard drive any why, but if I’m doing something in the middle of the day I loose every thing in raid 0. the up side is 4x read 2x write. Thoughts comments?

To raid nvme is moot point if you’re on Intel system, thiink max speed was 4 gig/sec because it passes through a controller. If you have PCI addin board to equip them it’s a different story. On newer AMD it’s possible though. Refer to L1 video on the matter for more specific information.


It looks like the fistt two sticks are listed as AIC, I’m guessing they are ones already on pcie add in cards? And I guess you mean to add the other two drives into M.2 sockets on the motherboard?
It might help folks if you could give the model of motherboard, because some people might know which M.2 sockets go through DMI and / or chipset or whatever?

I’m not sure your use case for the collection, but looks to have a lot of throughput potential.
I’m also not sure how you would combine them, maybe Storage spaces in windows, or Unraid, or MDADM or ZFS in ‘nix/BSD?

Might you be intending them as a scratch disk for video editing? It might be pretty sweet for that

There’s realistically nothing to gain, I wouldn’t run them in RAID. That seems like an odd thing to do.

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