To curve or not to curve, english anyone? --Monitors--

I have been looking for a new monitor.

I am settling on: a VA panel, 2560x1440, 144Hz, FreeSync, around $500 Canadian.

Any recommendation on having a curved screen?, at 27" or 32"?

Any thoughts on GSync Compatible options?

Will an RX580 be enough for light gaming, or should I go RTX 2060/GTX1660(Ti?)?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I almost went out and grabbed a Samsung 27",1440p, 144Hz, VA panel for $400 CDN tonight (No FreeSync). I am that close to buying.

I wouldn’t bother with a curved 16:9, I have a curved ultrawide and i don’t care either way if it was or was not curved. If curved monitor cost more I wouldn’t even consider it.



As a general consensus from what I’ve heard - it doesn’t really matter once you sit Infront of it.
I will say this - if you look at it from another position or need it for anything else than gaming and basic use - you better get standard monitor. Curved monitor may skew straight lines and curved lines and stuff like that.
580 for light gaming will be just fine. 1440p it may struggle a bit, but in the other hand I was gaming just fine on 270X, so I guess light gaming would be fine…

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The price for a curved monitor is roughly the same as a flat monitor. At this price range ($500 CDN), the curved monitors are more plentiful.

I am leaning towards a non-curved, as I often lie down away from my monitor to fall asleep to some video.

I am planning to go check some out at the stores this weekend.

Depends on the game and the settings. I’m only running 1080p but most games I play on ultra I’m getting between 100-190FPS. Then again I turn off volumetric fog because I hate it and turn off motion blur and dept of field for the same reason.


This, have curved 1440p 144hz display because it was the cheapest one that was 1440p and 144hz. It literally doesnt matter.

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The only reason I’d even consider a curved monitor is if you get two, for slightly more immersion. This is an opinion, mind you, but I’ve seen dual curved displays and, for me, it looked pretty awesome.

But the viewing angle is crap. You have to be right in the middle of it or it’ll be a nightmare.


That seems to be the biggest drawback for me, regarding the curve. It is designed to sit in front, almost exclusively.

a decent va panel like you are wanting wont have restrictive viewing angles and the curve isnt a severe detriment to off angle viewing

I like the curve, it feels like the screen is more ‘in front of me’ at all times. I used to have a 29" 2560x1080 flat and now have a 35" 3440x1440 curved and at that size I think it’s a benefit. The monitor at work is a 38" Dell uw, also curved, and I like it there too even in CAD programs. I would not consider a 29" again, the larger panel is a must have now for me.

For light gaming I think a 580 is the bare minimum, but will definitely depend on the game. A few examples would help too.

Curved displays are a 3D TV fad. I would buy one if it was cheap for the other features. But I would prefer it not be curved.

I don’t sit two feet from a TV though. The curve on a TV is idiotic for the same reason it works well (for me, on an ultrawide) for a monitor.

I like a large 4k screens because small ones are idiotic for old man eyes. And i Also like to sit back across the room on a couch and watch media.

That’s is my general preference for just a plain flat screen.

I have a curved monitor. To be honest I would only consider curved if your sitting at a desk while using it and your going Ultrawide. I would also like to add, most games don’t scale to ultrawide and you have to go in and manually edit the game settings within the program file.

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I love the ultrawide and the benefits it provides. Its like having two 27" monitors without the bezel break in the middle.

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Save your money and get Freesync, look up compatible to see how people have been getting on with want ever you are looking at as nVidia certainly won’t help you not spend money on them.


This too my 144hz freesync works just fine on my 1070.

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I totally agree.

Curved monitors do look awesome, as long as you sit right in the middle of them.


and you would need to set at a specific distance to take advantage of it.
i prefer flats

Thanks guys, great information.

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