Titanfall Beta Key Fuckup

For those of you on PC that got invited to the XBOX Titanfall beta, here's how you can convert your key to use on PC.  


Unfortunately, i'm getting an INTERNAL 500 SERVER ERROR when trying to get anywhere.  Even the 'contact us' page wont load.  What a fuckup.  I know i shouldn't have much expectation for EA

My friends and I are having the same issue, we all got Xbox one Codes and non of us can connect to the "contact us" page. Any help would be great.  

one of my friends figured out you can access the site to change your code on firefox. i tried it and it worked.


I got a PC code fine then a 360 code a couple of days later (I don't own, nor do I think I applied for a 360 key)

I got an email from Titanfall / EA and they apologized for the mixup and provided me with a PC key.  Downloading now!

Yup I got the same thing a damn Xbone key, two actually, at first I could log onto origin to complete the anything but I got through a few hours later and installed this morning. Anyone else having luck, what's are your thoughts of the game?