Tips on a future rendering build

I'm looking to build up an existing PC to better fit it to purpose. It's not going to be for the next month or so so I'm not looking for specifics, just generalisations ("16GB RAM would be good", "4GB VRAM would be better", that kinda thing). To note, it's not for my use.

The system is going to be a Windows system for use with Adobe products, primarily After Effects and Premier, with much less frequent uses of Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
It will be used as a gaming system, though this will not be its primary function. Mostly MMOs (Tera, currently) will be played with the odd multiplayer game like the Borderlands series, PayDay 2 and probably some newer games that haven't come out yet of no particular series or name. Being able to play at maximum graphics is not a necessity but being able to play lag-free is beneficial at at least medium graphics.
I think that they want a 21:9 display or, if not, a 2560x1440 but I do know that they only want a single display.

Current specs:
i7 4770S, 8GB 1600Hz, Corsair Gold 600W, 128GB Samsung 840 Pro, 32GB Corsair cache drive (changed to a dedicated SSD), 3GB WD Green, stock cooler, Bitfenix Shinobi (mid tower), Zotac GTX 580. I can't recall the motherboard.

Ideally I'd like to keep the processor and motherboard. It's not being used professionally so speed is more of a luxury. However, I'd assume that the system would benefit from an upgraded graphics card that has more VRAM and probably other components. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure what you could really improve, maybe just throw in 8 more gbs of RAM, a 240gb SSD, and a 970/280?

Otherwise if they aren't getting a 1440p 21:9, it ain't worth it to go 21:9.

Although if they end up with a 1440p monitor you'll want to go for a 290, or a 980 but that costs quite a bit more. Though the 300 series may be just coming out so there's that to look for as well in the near future.

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