TIP; nano syntax highlighting


That’s kind of cool. I don’t use NANO but I guess for those who do its finally catching up to vim ever so slightly

Are there any other plugins out there?

Severeal years ago i installed this ;

Unfortunately, during this time I was stuck in server rooms on minimal builds and needed to use vi so although this is part of my new build scripts, I have never actually needed to use it since I don’t run nano anymore. But you can get some cool highlighting…

edit :
Here is a python script with the nano syntax highlighting

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I don’t know. I have always been using nano, it’s easy to use. At least for me. ^^ hahaha

Nice. ^^

I have been a bit interested in what’s the fuss about vim, but I don’t like it because I can’t see the commands, and I have a bad memory. On nano it’s write the changes and ctrl+x, y and enter or ctrl+s and then ctrl+x.

That’s about how much I use it over all.

It’s life changing…

Seems to be an exaggeration…

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When your workflows ( Development, Literary (Playright, Author ), and anything consisting of editing files ) The tools available withing vim/neovim are unbelieveable. Not to mention, a distraction free environment and highly customizeable and extensible. If it’s not for you, that’s perfectly understandable.

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I use code/kate or gedit for changes, and nano for small additions. I don’t think I need vim.