Tin foil hat elitists of TS: tape your cameras hide your wifi cause

tape your cameras hide your wifi cause this patent is gone climbing in yo windows and rape you


we gonna need lots and lots and lots of tape.

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My screen is too old to do stuff like this.
Tinfoil wise: I own a webcam, somewhere, would just need to search it....

eff sells these nice stickers for just that https://supporters.eff.org/shop/laptop-camera-cover-set

Lol I used to laugh at my gamer friends 10+ years ago talking how airplanes can capture your CRT screens. Or back in 2005-2009 where they talked about how cops with scanners can see your screen. Nowadays we all know that's possible. Heck back when people said workplaces can hire private industry to snoop on your with your cellphone. Now we know it's true. NSA/FBI can still track you even with your phone turned off.

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