Time lapse V8 rebuild

This video is beautiful.

Six days. More than 40,000 photos. One fully rebuilt Ford Flathead V-8. All boiled down to an intense 6-minute video. This engine is from a 1946 Ford pickup.


Wow. Theres a load of time and craftsmanship gone into that. Hats off, thats a proper job.
It would have taken me months to do what they accomplished in 6 days.

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engines arent comlicated. esp an old v8

And especially if you have a garage with a bunch of $100,000 machine tools and 4 guys to help.
The thing about engines is that any hack can do it but it takes a mechanic with the brains of an engineer and the hands of a surgeon to really do it well and make it look easy. I would love to try it but I would take forever making sure everything was micrometer perfect.


@MisteryAngel I have to admit.. ford engines... are beautiful LOL

The part where the exhaust are bolted on and there were only 6 pipes made me look twice and google. I only messed with Holden and Chev engines as a kid.

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The part that surprised me was only 3 bearings for the crankshaft.

the 3 cylinder 1 liter from a Geo Metro has 4 main bearings. I rebuilt the one in my wifes car. Honed the cylinders. The head I had a shop rebuild it for like 140 I think. Those valves are just two tiny.
Frankly it was a hack job and I mad a lot of mistakes. But it started and ran beautifully. Took it down the road and 15 min later I checked the review mirror, I forgot a hose! I thought I warped the head for sure. All I saw was steam.
The GEO metro from 92 has no resale value so it was the perfect car to try this on.

Nice job @anon85933304
I just found the Hydraulic Press Channel tonight and it is AWESOMELY satisfying! This funny Finnish dude squishes all kinds of stuff in his huge press while his wife giggles. The video below is the exact opposite of my original post. He destroys a motor, the tranny and makes a piston pancake. My favorite part is when he smashed the helmet + plus watermelon because it looks like exploding brains.

welll im an engineer with a garage buti dont have 100k worth of tools. im assuming most people on here have never rebuilt and engine.


When I was 18-21 and into V8's we rebuilt my Holden 308 with I think this.
Socket set and spanners.
Torque Wrench
Honing tool that connected to a drill.
Valve grinding paste and a grinding tool.

That and I went to the shop and got a rebuild kit will ring's, seals and bearings. The only knowledge we had was several mates putting together collective knowledge and beer.
Granted this was a 70's car and working on the drive line was cake and fun DIY.

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@Ctrl_Null @Marten I never said it wasn't possible for a home mechanic with basic tools to rebuild an engine well. Not all mechanical geniuses are professionals. I just meant to comment that when I rebuild an engine I would love to have the resources I saw in the video.

In high school shop 16 y/o guys were rebuilding V8's.I will never forget how loud it was when they fired it up, inside without any exhaust pipes. I never got my dead lawn mower engine to start (Dad wouldn't spring for a new coil) :(
I'm a mechanical engineer now, so I might have a better chance with the next engine I rebuild.

One thing I would recommend to anyone tryng this is have a shop clean or recondition the block. Removing 10 year old hardened gasket material is tedious beyond belief. Add to that a soft metal like aluminum found in most engine blocks it's a real pain.
Cell phone cameras should make it allot easier when it come time to put back what I call the spaghetti.

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Some of their engines are fine yeah.
But whats build arround it is questionable sometimes lol.


If you like that kind of stuff...most of us do, you might also like this channel.

AvE is a very funny guy that does a lot of off the wall stuff but mainly does tear downs of tools to show you what you are buying.

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I rebuilt an old pontiac 400 V8 in auto-tech classes in community college.

I never got it running for a variety of reasons. I should have bought a bolt kit to go with the parts kit I bought. Part of the problem was that one of the studs on the water-pump/timing belt cover sheared off during disassembly, and I could never find a replacement. Ended up selling it to some kid and his dad for $600, not bad considering I bought the car for $400, although I did buy a thousand dollar parts kit.

I wish I could have gotten it running. Ended up doing a .60 (or is it .060?) overbore on it. Originally planned to do a 30 overbore, but the parts kit I ordered was .60 (.060 or whatever) and the website neglected to tell me this.

I had no idea what I was doing, and the teacher really didn't know how to teach. He got annoyed when we asked him questions which.......why the fuck are you teaching?

This is why it's best to work on much older engines. Aluminium is just a pain in the ass.

Just make sure it's a popular one so parts are easy to find.

Tbh they basically are just like Volkswagen.. They are meants to be affordable and have certain things every family car would have haha. They do have a luxury brand though.. Its Lincoln.. And it used to be Volvo when they had the pag....

Good video op