Time for a new G910... And my paranoia - Retail or Amazon?

Alright, I’m feeling pretty dismal about the situation of my G910. But i’m gonna prepare for the worst and look at getting a new one. My warranty’s gone and my spacebar went bye-bye.

Amazon sounds too good to be true. Anyone who knows me on here SHOULD know i’m overly paranoid - I willingly admit it - so with that in mind, should I go out of my way and buy one in person somewhere? Or should I just go for Amazon’s $70 cheaper price over a place like BestBuy and order it from there? Where does paranoia fit in, you might ask? My crazy mind conjures up thoughts of counterfeit G910s on Amazon…

And how the hell do I register my new one if I need proof of purchase yet I bought it from Amazon? And how does AMAZON get away with selling it that much cheaper? Shipping included… WTF?

I would suggest not seeing it as Amazon being cheaper but BestBuy having a larger markup.

And is registration not done through serial number? That is how it works with most products.

Your paranoia seems rather unfounded because I assume that even if you bought in a store you still would use a credit card which is traceable by the Boogeyman!

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Proof of Purchase is the barcode on the package, not your receipt.

Also you only need that for rebates.

usps would charge you $7.25 to deliver coast to coast, it probably costs amazon half of that to get them from china to you … shipping is not really a factor.

Is it dead dead, you never got back to the other thread. That’s a shame.

I’d rather not talk about what happened. I can only hope someone buys it from me for less than half the original MSRP.

Next owner needs to desolder and resolder the space switch.

ANOTHER crazy idea running through my head: Could this be a counterfeit G910 from Amazon? The two years i’ve had my first one, the thing was really well built. I see Amazon reviews of people claiming the LEDs dimmed after just a year. The volume wheel became sluggish when moving.

All BS claims? And I’m just being overly paranoid? Amazon it is, then? I got my first one for $130 from a store! Yes, brand new! And these are Canadian dollars, too. How they sold it that low, I have no idea.

You’re being overly paranoid unless you’re ordering from a shitty seller.


Just buy it.

99% chance it is fine. If not just return it. Amazon has a great return policy.

Order it and use the money you saved to go to a psychiatrist pls.


@Steinwerks The trigger for my paranoia in this case is the price difference. $230 retail vs $170 SHIPPED. I guess i’m pulling the trigger on this thing then.



That they do.

I had to return something once so I popped them an email. Had return instructions within the hour.

Sorry guys. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. At this point, it feels like a gamble. A user who bought one a few months ago posted a picture of what’s clearly a counterfeit box.

The “G” logo on one part of the FRONT of the box is the newer, more square one. The “G” logo on the top corner of yet again - the FRONT of the box - is the older rounded one. And he says no additional palm rest…

If I could just get peace of mind and go to some place like BestBuy so they could price match it for me, then I gladly would. But this is just crap. “Sold by some sketchy scaly-ass motherfucker and fulfilled by Amazon”. Count me out.

If you are not tied to the 910 there is a wold of quality mechs out there.

Edit: I am sure with enough time too you could beild a full MX based 1:1 functional replacement. But that is a bit of an insane project.


Best buy will only price match if it’s sold buy Amazon directly and not a third party.


I’d really want another G910. I’m so used to it. And yeah, that just sounds flat-out fucked up.


Yeah, i found out… And every location around me that sells it is sold out! WOO! Just my luck. Now I literally can’t buy it at all. :rofl:

Golf clap

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