Time for a monitor rma?

Preformatted text I have an Acer XB27OHU that has recently decided to only power on if the lower edge is pushed slightly away from me. It will sometimes work in a truer vertical position but the left side gets really iridescent and pixelated. I still have 452 days left on warranty according to Acer but I’m not looking forward to shipping it off. I believe I can take it back to Microcenter(2hr drive one way) for service or possibly to an Acer certified service center about 20 miles away. When reading/researching the issue and symptoms, I stumbled on a common issue where some wires get pinched and a shim has to be put in to alleviate pressure as a fix. I’m just looking for any similar experiences anyone has had or tips. Thanks for reading.

For those who actually want to read it.


RMA. If its under warranty why bother with any sort of shims?

also whats with that /g/ style post

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Sorry, I should’ve paid more attention to the text. Just looking for advice, thanks. Serious noob issues.Preformatted text

Preformatted text I think I’ll document the process I take here. After looking around and finding some rma experiences but nothing quite the same. I know it would’ve been nice to glean some info. I plan on calling Acer in the next day or 2, I already have an open ticket for this issue but I might try taking it into a certified repair facility if Acer says it’s cool. I never really planned on putting the shims in myself, I just thought it was interesting if that was the fix that would be used…?

Life really gets in the way sometimes. The monitor gets sent out tomorrow, 9/26/17. Luckily for me I can take it to work with me and my coworker in shipping will help me wrap it in the recommended 3-5 inches of bubble wrap. Hopefully my next and last post is about it’s happy return.

Preformatted text The monitor was sent out on 9/26 and arrived at Acer on 9/29. They found no issue and returned it. The monitor works like new and I have no complaints(just feel kinda dumb), it no longer has any issues even when moved around. Hopefully this last a few years…$15 in shipping to get half my screen back.