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Tierred Storage Solution for Max OS X


Hey guys!

Been doing some research today into storage solution and wincing slightly at the cost of high capacity SSDs and came across some interesting ways to boost speeds of mechanical HDDs using SSDs. As far as I can see, the main ways to do this are using caching, hydrid drives, or tierred storage.

The most appealing to me is tierred storage with something like StoreMI from AMD. Seems to package the best features but looks like it’s only available for windows.

Maybe Raid 0 would get a similar effect, I don’t know…

How would I get something like this set up on a Mac? I am planning to build a Ryzen Hackintosh (and try to somehow get Thunderbolt working, but thats for another thread…) and would love to get this working properly so i dont have to splash on high capacity SSDs.

My plan is to use 4TB+ HDD, an M.2 NVMe SSD with a Ryzen 5 1600x and a B450 mobo.

If anyone has any ideas of how to get this to work, I’d be really grateful.


Apple’s offical tiered solution is called fusion drive. You are going to want to search for something like hackintosh fusion drive.


I am aware of fusion drives, but @wendell says they’re not very good in this video:

I am looking for a solution that works in exactly the same way, and from what I can tell, Fusion Drives work in a different way.

I had a thought last night, would it be possible to set this up in windows, then install OSX as the boot os? or does StoreMI need to be running in the background?


I would check out some hackintosh build guides and also this thread


StoreMI needs to run in the background. It is windows only.

You can setup a “”“fusion drive”""" with any HDD+SSD not just the official apple fusion drives.