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Tiered Storage Solutions With Bare Metal Backup Software (StoreMI + Shadow Protect SPX)

Hi, I’m currently thinking about using storeMI to mix two of my drives for faster storage. This is primarily for speeding up my backups.

So I use a program called Shadow Protect which is a bare metal backup, I have no idea how it’ll perform with storeMI. I’m assuming it’ll work fine, but are there any loopholes I am unaware of?

FYI, I also backup the drive i used as a backup also. Just in case my system blows up for some reason or gets stolen, i have another drive of all my data off site.

So basically, I backup my C: drive to my D drive which serves as both my data and backup drive. Then I backup that D drive to another drive that’s off site. So basically i’d be backing up the storeMI virtual drive if i set storeMI up, that’s what i’m worried about if it’ll work with SPX or not.

Thank you!