Three 4k Monitor | Gaming Surround Insanity on 40" Korean Monitors | Tek Syndicate

Oh no... They are using two titanX chips slapped on one PCB... So my educated guess will be TWICE the price of TitanX...
The other thing is FuryX2... My uneducated guess is Lower than twise the price of FuryX...
Guess which one will be overpraised and overpriced at the same time?
Because basically nobody talks about 295X2. No matter it beats everything in most cases...

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That's insane.

I think I've reached my human limit with just one of these 40" 4k monitors. My brain wouldn't be able to handle three of them.

Hi Wendell, I tried, although horizontally...................did not like; immersion (not sure) too much head turning; not easy to always balance the monitors equally; sucks a lot of juice.
Tried on one 7990 and than trifire 7990 and 7970 (2 honkers :powerColor AX7970 3GBD5 2DHPPV and
powerColor AX7990 6GBD5-2DH.
Reduced to 2 monitors, could not stand the center got back to one and found that, for me, it is the best .
that is just 1 monitor.
However; I was able to setup two other riggs, one with TGX690 and one with another 7990 XFX. So now I can optimize and compare systems and graphics.
edit 1 = when I get pissed at one rig I use the other one ..........and so on. (hey,hey,hey........)
edit 2 = i think it exceeds the brain s comfortable field of view on a display ! (IMO)
edit 3 = I have the Oculus Rift (tech prev)
edit 4 = actually, the 40 inch monitor, in 4K, is, up to now, the best.

You are technically correct.

Because he has them Vertical, they are 6480 across, and 3840 high.

If he had them length wise, and had 3 high, 3 across, it would be 11520x6480 (12k~)

What this means really is: we need to get 6 more 4k Monitors and a couple more 980Ti cards to push this to a limit... and we could watch Wendell's mind melt.


OK.........................would not that be a little hard......after all Wendell is a good shit. NOPE, we need his mind (almost) intact !

No, not at all.. Not hard at all. Just need a machine that would have the PCI-E slots.

I think I'll get this accomplished the next time I visit.

You nuts.......but you can be sure I will be watching............and if you make it alive...might follow !!!!!!!!!! :-)
edit 1 = got the equipment..............just missing 3 more 40 inchers. (used to have a store, got X79s coming out of my ears.(Asus RiVE, 3970X...........)

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Went to amazon to check out the 295X2 was not dissapointed

Cat Master 9000 is the real MVP

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You made me laugh.

Well Cat Master did. Just wondering do I live in the same world as this guy??

Its totaly CRAAAAZYYY lol.

Moses on a vespa!
Who do I kill to get that eye-slicing, ultra-sharp experience!?

Technically correct is how I like to be :)

At some point we are going to have to remove the black veil from the fluxmagazatron and beam Wendell into an actual screen. There, he can become quantum and be in three places at once ( each screen ) .

Im thinking a floating Wendell head, like a windows xp screen saver with animated eyes following the cursor ? You have to sustain him with spurious data files or he gets mad face and destroys vsync.

Introducing Wendellgotchi