Three 4k Monitor | Gaming Surround Insanity on 40" Korean Monitors | Tek Syndicate

Good news: It works. Small bezels make for an immersive experience. This will just have to do until we've got 4k VR goggles.

Bad news: It doesn't work great at native resolution. Even SLI 980 Ti cannot push 1.4 billion pixels per second in most modern games! But you CAN play most games at 3240x1080. Source Engine Games, and DX9 games like Rocket League can manage about 35 fps (~700 million pixels per second) , though, which is impressive.

Be sure to check out our reviews of the Korean 4k displays we've been enjoying. And remember: if you like the 34" ultrawides, these are the same width, only taller. :) If you've got room for a 34" 21:9 ultrawide, you've got room for a 40" 4k 16:9 because it's only taller.

A399 40" 4k - Economical 4k:

A409 40" - Upgraded model to the A399:

Microboard B400 UHD 4k - Our favorite Korean 40" 4k Display

Also checkout the Wasabi Mango UHD420 -- Freesync and IPS panel:

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Sweet baby Jesus. That is just.... I can't even.

Totally shoulda tried running Civ V at native, dunno if you'd be able to just fit an entire small map without moving the camera

Ah. Aha.

It's so beautifully impossible.

Wow this reminds me when I use to play Supreme Commander in a dual screen setup in my GeForce 256 (freaking SDR).

Felt like I was cheating.

Of course if I remember right the game struggled a bit with in that setup.

Warcraft 3 may have been interesting as well, though I think you'd have to mod the camera distance or something for a lot of games like that

Its just insane! Love it! Really really wow... I mean... just wow =D
For me its still to much bezel. I am really allergic, they distract me so much I cant focus on the beauty of the game ^^

Curyous... Do you guyz have 295X2? 2 of those might be able to push it...

All I can say is, when I saw this video, I first had a deep intake of breath, then my heart started racing, and my legs went limp. After I stopped staring at the video and the blood rushed back to my head from (redacted), I finally came over here to chronicle the initial feelings of even seeing a video of this.

This is awesome. It's fun to see content like this. Anyone have a link to the battlestation thread?

Wendell have you joined the Stock Trading Club?

Hmmmm...single, with a decent salary. I might be able to make this happen in time for Star Citizen (hashbrown Who Needs VR).

At the very end of the video i noticed the Left monitor has different colours compared to the other two.

@Wendell you should install Crysis 3 on that set up, crank up the settings to maximum and watch your Pc turn into small supernova.

4k = 4 x 1080p
8k = 16x 1080p
12k = presumably 28 x 1080p ? or there about's

This video is: 3 x 4k = 12 x 1080p = 6k ?

you have there a 6k or perhaps '7k' setup not a 12k , it doesn’t sound as impressive obviously ( I think 7k sounds pretty cool tho )

Sorry to be that guy :)

line up 28'sih 1080p monitors and i will doff my cap

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The unholy tryptychon!

Do youbhappen to have made fotos as well? I'd like to show'em to some people.

get me a single graphics card that can drive 1440p above 144fps at high settings thennnnnnnnnn I'll think about 4k.

I'm poor people stuck at 1080p with a gtx980.


There already is...
And we await two new entries... Titan X2 and Fury X2 or whatever they will call them...

hahahah ehem indeed.

you got me there bro, I accept the fact that you have proven me wrong.

My point was to have an affordable gfx card for the average consumer as the monitors are getting more affordable but the gfx cards are still in the high price point.

Maybe a gtx990? but I'm sure that will be similarly priced as a titan.

Time will tell.

Thanks for the reply.