Threadripper Voltage issues

Hi everyone,

I just upgraded to the Ryzen Threadripper 1950x. Several seconds later after logging into Windows, I get a warning message (from AI Suite notification bar) - “+VDDA voltage 1.051 V”. Shortly after I got a blue screen. It hasn’t crashed since then, but I still get that message when Windows boots up. I’ve already updated the BIOS.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Your help is greatly appreciated.

I think I saw some crazy stuff on a jayz2cents video about something similar. He had to manually set his voltage to 1.35 or something.
Can you d/l hwmonitor and keep an eye on your cpu voltage? his was spiking to 1.5 which was way too high

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Much obliged for the tip Wendell. I try that out and go from there. I haven’t been getting the warning after updating the bios, and doing a fresh install of Windows. Maybe that was the problem. Still though, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the CPUID monitor.

Also, something else is happening that might be related. When I turn on my PC, it will power on for about 3 seconds, and shut off, not going to post. Sometimes it’ll do this 2-4 times before staying on. I’ve had the computer on all night running software updates, so something is going on with the start-up. I tried removing RAM sticks to see if that was a power overage, and it still persist,

Jay of 2 cents has also had that happen and noted it during a comparison video. When he would do something with the bios, over clocking in his case, the restart would start then shut off and restart again. He has no idea why last I saw.

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Is it a brand new power supply you’re using?

What motherboard?

Some motherboards do an auto overclock by default. Asus calls theirs ‘Multi Core Enhancement’. It is enabled by default and forces your CPU to run at turbo speeds with 3.7 all cores +XFR. So this is an auto overclock with voltages set to auto.

Manually set your voltage, set Load Line Calibration. To sustain auto overclock your voltage should not have to exceed 1.23125, YMMV but that will work for 90% or more.

Also make sure you have the latest AMD chipset driver, then choose Ryzen Balanced in Windows Power Options.

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@Raziel Thank you, I’ll give that a try.

@risk it’s a few months old, and is running fine.

Also the motherboard is an Asus Prime x399-A

This sounds like RAM boot voltage is too low. Does the BIOS allow for setting it separately from the standard RAM voltage? If so try setting them to the the same value. What are you running the RAM at now for speed and voltage?

I have a Zenith, so disable ‘Multi Core Enhancement’. Set CPU core to 3.8 (38.00). Set Core voltage to 1.23125. Set LLC to Level 3. That dropped my temps 7c on water at idle…

That will kill XFR but will have far better all around returns. It will level and lower your temps. It will also drop your voltages from being all over the place exceeding 1.42 .

That should take care of the warning as VDDA is trying to stabilize the core voltage, I believe.

Also update all the Asus utilities you plan to use as they have bugs. AI Suite has an update as of 2 days ago.

Sorry to rehash this post, but I finally stopped being lazy and tried doing more test. I swapped RAM sticks around, and concluded that the four slots on the right side are bad and all 4x RAM sticks are fine, so unfortunately I have to run duel channel instead of quad :confused: (though I’m still not convinced it’s a motherboard issue…or maybe I’m just in denial :stuck_out_tongue: ).

The PC just wont stay on, it boots, then shuts down when I try to run with a quad channel configuration. All this with the CPU running at optimal voltage (~1.27). I still think it’s a power issue, I want to know if there’s something I’m missing before I RMA my motherboard.

P.S. I don’t believe it to be my PSU, as I can still use all 4 RAM sticks, and my CPU Overclocked.

Yeah, it could also be pin contact. I’d change that mobo for one with a Lotes socket. Foxconn sockets had quality control issues in the beginning. Jayz also did a thing with the Foxconn sockets having bad quality control.

I would say MB. I had same problem, it was the MB.

I have used both and both were fine. That is not to say my experience is typical. The Lotes socket certainly was not as ‘loose’ as Foxconn. If I was to choose, I would go with Lotes.

I don’t have a TR anymore, but I remember something about the socket itself not being fully fastend and that one could use the supplied wrench to fasten the socket (gamersnexus video perhaps…?).

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