Threadripper Pro workstation build with dual 4090

I am looking to build a Threadripper Pro workstation with dual 4090 gpu’s for algorithmic options trading. My main concern is will dual 4090 cards (NVidia FE preferred) fit in a Fractal 7 XL case including a A4000 card for main displays(3 5k monitors)?? Hope to use new Asrock WRX80 Creator motherboard as well. Thanks

Go talk to Puget system or the like imo, if you need that kind of gear DIY is not really worth it imo


It looks like to me like those would fit, as long as you don’t want use of the front 3.5" bays as you would most likely need to remove them and the mount.

I would be more concerned about cooling and powering such a build.

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I have a Fractal 7 XL and don’t think you will be able to easily fit all 3 cards with good airflow.

All the 4090 cards announced so far including the FE appear to be over 3 slots wide and not blower style. This means you probably won’t have enough slots to install all 3 cards and maintain a gap for proper airflow. You will also need a beefy power supply…

New workstation cards like the RTX 6000 are blower style like your A4000 and are dual slot. So, they would probably be better suited to your scenario. I imagine the upcoming RTX 5000 will probably be the closest match to the 4090 specs (24GB), but it wasn’t announced yet.


I am in a similar build situation. The current 4090s are not space efficient at all and it seems the coolers are drastically oversized and rumoured to have been designed for a higher than delivered TDP.

I’m not sure when the workstation cards will be out, or what their price will be.

While I didn’t have an issue building a pc of this value, as another use has said there is merit talking to Pugit. They have an incredible reputation.

One concern I have is that I can’t get more than two 4090’s on my Asus WRX80 in the future without going water cooled and I am not sure I want the maintenance headache of that in a work environment.

Anyway, worth considering the dual slot cards or going water cooled with will delete the enormous air cooler.

Anyone know when the RTX A6000 is due out?

The NVIDIA RTX 6000 workstation GPU will be available from global distribution partners and manufacturers starting in December.

GPU memory : Features 48GB of GDDR6 memory for working with the largest 3D models, render images, simulation and AI datasets.

That’s certainly a lot of GPU.


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