Threadripper Motherboard Options

Hi everyone, hope all is well. So I was wondering which is the most reliable motherboard for threadripper (I have the 1950X to be specific). I own a ASUS PRIME X399-A, but I have 4 dead DIMM slots upon upon arrival, so I can’t run my 4 RAM sticks in quad mode :confused:

Your info is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Currently use a Gigabyte X399 Designare EX (since launch) and have it mostly running 24/7 and till now it runs good. Did hear good things till now about the Asrock Taichi though.
But the chance is always there to get a partly defective board.

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I can confirm the Asrock X399 Taichi is rock solid, but if you want fast wireless I would pick something else.

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You could always add a PCIe card or change the M.2 WLAN module.

I’d go with the Taichi

Asus quality control has been going down hill for sometime now. While a defective bored is always possible with any manufacturer, they seem to have more than others with notoriously poor customer service.

AsRock as really embraced Zen and been putting out some good products. The Taichi series is reasonably priced with a good feature set

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I have a taichi. It arrived a little bit… bendy.
Still everything works though.

That amount of flex is not a problem for todays PCBs, that will also be corrected as soon as you install it in a case.

@Hako Yeah I was checking that one out, and it seems solid. I know there’s always going to be one board that’s defective, but the board I have seemed to received the worst reviews. I went with it anyway because the features I liked, and I just hoped that I would get a solid board, lol I guess not :smiley:

Sadly that is basically can do these days if you buy an Asus board. Even their ultra high end ones. It is super hit and miss if you get a good one. Usually if you do they are alright but if you have bad luck and get a poor one you’re in for a rough time