Threadripper memory recommendations

I am looking for some recommendations for good threadripper memory. Looking for good performance.

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Before Ryzen I never paid attention to QVL lists from motherboards. With Ryzen I think its wise to purchase a kit from this at the highest speed you can afford.

So the steps are:
Choose CPU
Choose Motherboard
Look at Motherboard memory QVL
buy the fastest lowest latency one you can find

memory with samsung B-Die is the easiest to work with and usually overclocks pretty well. the RGB versions have been problematic. I think they have resolved it but I would avoid it myself.

checking against QVL is a good idea. You really need the best balance of frequency and latency. 4000c19 memory is expensive but doesn’t really get you anything more than a 3600 kit

Gskill Trident Z 3200c14 is good and can be run at 3466c14 if you get a good kit

the Gskill 3466 is also good.

the 3600c16 is also great but you need the 16-16-16 version, not the 16-18-18 which is Hynix dies

Same here… ryzen is the only QVL i even looked at.

Problem is the QVLs only test for compatibility with parts inside the spec, unless stated otherwise. So a 3600 kit on the QVL doesn’t mean it can actually operate on 3600. It just means it is compatible on that motherboard inside the JEDEC specs, which basically all kits are.

If available it would be smarter to look at the RAM manufacturers support pages if they have a compatibility list with the speeds of their kits.

I am using an Asrock motherboard and they list memory kits tested at a certain speed but like anything overclocking is never guaranteed to work and really is dependent on other system variable such as the strength of the memory controller etc…

I like Team Group more than GSkill because they are cheaper. 3200 with tight timings in the dark pro or a little looser if you want bling with their night hawks.

I have 64GB Night Hawks for Threadripper. I could not get dual rank dark pro sticks at the time. Sorry for the bling @wendell

They are proven to run at rated speeds on Ryzen.

Team Group Night Hawks on Asus Zenith Extreme QVL 3200GB 16GB(8GB*2)

New link:

This information could be helpful.

TR will be the same.

I believe all the reviewers are getting G.Skill. Seems to be no issue hitting 3200

This guy… been running trident Z RGB since the first UEFI… no issues at 3200… as long as its samsung B die its fine…

Rest of the advice is solid… I would however look at quad channel memory if you arent running Quad channel why bother

Seems everyone is focused on 3200. Wondering if the new TR boards really are good at 3600.

the problems with a ryzen build and the RGB Trident Z memory is that the SM bus used to control rgb LEDs has been flaky and it is corrupting the firmware with all the XMP data ultimately bricking the dimm.

The memory itself is OK and can be recovered but it i a headache. You have to buy a copy of thaipoon burner to reflash the XMP firmware.

Dude if you have knowledge on that throwing up a guide would be awesome for our forums content :slight_smile: i for one would read it

I think that has been corrected. When finally GSkill was convinced that people were not purposely corrupting it themselves.

Looking for fastest 64GB ECC, any recommendations?

If you want ECC first look at the QVLs really, the controllers are way pickier with ECC RAM then with non-ECC RAM. If you can’t find QVLs for TR, look at the ones for the R7 or R5, chances are the compatibility is the same.

Also I think Ryzen only took non-registered ECC (or was it only registered… not sure, it only took one of the both though). Looked it up, non-reg only.

At that point it’s not all that much choice for 64GB anymore:
2x 4x 8GB
1x 4x 16GB

I personally am not an RGB kinda guy.

this is from a google search. not mine

I strongly recommend checking that your workload actually benefits from increased RAM speed. Gaming, unless you’re trying to hit a world record or have a hole burnt in your pocket, will not (spend it on a better processor, GPU or disk instead). Beyond that, check whether you benefit more from latency reductions or raw throughput. If latency is best, back off from the highest speeds as they sacrifice latency for throughput (deeper pipelining). If your application needs raw throughput, remember that the lowest latency memory has the hardest job meeting timing and hence is harder to OC to high speeds such as 3600Mhz. Also make sure to get quad channel.