Threadripper case recommendations

Finally got my motherboard on the way for my 7970x build, I currently have a 3960x tucked down the side of the sofa in a Corsair 680 case, but would ideally like something thinner, as it’s a bit of a squeeze, I’d also like something with a bit more airflow rather than the tempered glass panels it has.

I’m getting the Asus TRX50 SAGE board, as it has 3 PCI x16 slots plus some others, so support for a CEB board is needed.

I have a Melanox ConnectX 5 card to go in for 100Gb fibre on to my network as well as a GPU (currently a 3080ti).

I’m expecting to go AIO of some sort for cooling, as I don’t plan to water cool the GPU, AIO seems to make sense, I plan to run PBO, but nothing extreme, so air cooling is out, but I still need good airflow for the GPU and fibre card. I’m thinking a 360mm AIO, plus 3 more 120mm intake fans (not on the base of the case as it sits on carpet) plus an exhaust.

I have a meshify 2 with an old system in, but that doesn’t support the CEB motherboard, I have a mesify 2 xl with my NAS in, and although that would support a good airflow, I don’t plan on having any spinning rust, so the front space would be wasted.

Anyone got any recommendations for “small” CEB cases with plenty of air flow?


The Fractal Torrent supports CEB (surprisingly):

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Looks like someone managed to cram an even larger board in to a corsiar 5000D airflow, so that’s an option now :slight_smile: