Threadripper 7980X + ASUS - Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI build

Hello folks!

I’m considering a new build with Threadripper 7980X (trying to avoid the big prices of the Threadripper PRO) and the ASUS - Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI for a home server for my apps and AI studies.

I was looking into this motherboard specs and it claims to support up to 1TB RAM with that CPU. However, neither ASUS support website nor anywhere over the web I could find what exactly memory sticks should be used to get there. I’ve only see level1 videos but using few GB RAM and being pointed out that it is very tricky those DDR5 sticks to get training and whatnot.

So, can someone shed a light on what compatible sticks would be possible to use to get 1TB or at least 512GB RAM on this motherboard?

If this motherboard is not supposed to run with that amount, do you guys have any other suggestion?

Thank you! I appreciate any help.

TL;DR; I’ve followed the advice and ended up with TR Pro 7995WX and ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE Motherboard.

I have four sticks of 32GB 4800GHz from Samsung that work fine, and I think these sticks are available in 256GB versions, which would give you 1TB. Far as I’ve seen though high capacity DIMMs have a hefty premium attached, and aren’t all that easy to source compared to more sane sizes.

The qualified memory list is available here: Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI|Motherboards|ASUS Global

Yeah that is the problem. The MQL doesn’t show 4x 256gb (for some reason there are 8 stick options there while the mobo has only 4 slots lol).

I know the prices are skyrocket for now, but I need the larger footprint I can get.

Currently I’m rocking a dual E5-2699 v4 with 1Tb DDR4 2400 on a Dell Precision T7910, but it is showing big signs of age, not to mention being extremely not power efficient for Today’s standards so I need an upgrade.

four sticks of 32GB 4800GHz from Samsung that work fine, and I think these sticks are available in 256GB versions, which would give you 1TB.

Those are essentially SK Hynix DIMMs IIRC. Do you have the model number/SKU? I’m really confused as to whether the MQL is correct or not about the number of DIMM modules supported. Even tho there are 5600Mhz DIMMs that are supported by this CPU/Motherboard, I would be happy if I could get safely the 4 banks full with 256GB DIMMs running at 4800Mhz or something like that.

Tbh, my main concern is Wendell’s videos saying that this platform is very finicky with DDR5 sticks that is why I’m so worried…

Looking at the MQL for the TRX50-SAGE, the highest capacity option I see would be 4 sticks of 128GB Samsung modules for a total of 512GB.

Regarding the 8x DIMM kits on the list, note the Socket Support column still says 1,2,4. You of course won’t be able to fit all 8 modules onto the board, but you also won’t be denied warranty support for using modules from the kit either.

That is a relief, at least 512GB :slight_smile:

Now I understand what the 1,2,4 mean :slight_smile: I thought it was the slot where would stick the module lol

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m curious as wether I got the 256GB sticks instead it would work with the full 1TB. :smiley:

The reason I’m asking is because I have this other motherboard which say that 2x 48GB would not work at all with the AM5 7950x3d but guess what? I have it. Stable as hell running on a game/console PC.

In other words, I know the MQL would be the safest bet but I wonder if I could reach the 1GB even if for that I have to lower the memory frequency a bit.

@LiamBai one question - did you managed to get the IPMI to work on that board? I see the docs and I got a little confused as to whether or not IMPI requires an accessory IPMI board of it is built-in and can share the onboard ethernet NICs.

You’d likely be better off buying WRX90+TR pro if you want ≥512GB of memory, The TR pro route is going to be thousands cheaper than trying to buy TRX50 and normal threadripper because of pricing advantage you’ll get on memory with the pro.

The Asus TRX50 motherboard needs a separate IPMI PCIe card in order for IPMI to work.
I’m not sure if this is still the case but some ASUS MB skus need a separate, non-mainline, bios release to support the IPMI card and they use to be a hassle to get.

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TBF, with the cost of TRX50WS+7980X 64 Core, I’m pretty close to just get a proper Epyc 9754 128 Core + Gigabyte MZ73-LM9 (server board) and I even have an extra CPU slot for upgrade later. If I go WRX90+7995WX 96 Core, I can mostly get the second Epyc 9754 128 Core.

My concern is that SP5 cooler for non-rack chassi/cases is very hard to find. For example, Noctua has 0 options :frowning_face:

Looked at alternatives for a tower case like Fractal Define 7XL which would resemble a 4U chassi but in the tower form factor space wise (no rack available where this machine will go). In the AIO spare, it is also mostly a no go, except the SilverStone XE360-SP5, which I would need to find out if I could fit two of those for this dual-CPU mobo in the future.

Still very annoyed that those TRX50 motherboards claim to support 1TB RAM but in reality it can barely do 512GB :frowning_face:

I ended up with the TR Pro 7995WX and ASUS Pro WS WRX90E-SAGE SE Motherboard. They arrive tomorrow.

Now, I’m in the battle to find out which AIO would work with it. I’ve found one for Epyc from SilverStone Technology XE360-SP5, but I can’t find anything that clearly states this new TR, only the old ones TR4.

Since you’re getting the 7995WX, it’s important that the cooler provide full lid coverage. Silverstone recently announced a new TR5 compatible AIO (XE360-TR5) but I haven’t seen it available for purchase yet.

AMD has a list of compatible coolers. The footnote “1” means it has full lid coverage. Another AIO not listed on that page, but I’ve seen mentioned is Alphacool’s Eisbaer Pro, which does claim TR5 support.

I’m air cooling my 7985WX for now using the Arctic Freezer 4U-M. It keeps the CPU temperature at 70-75C under load (no overclocking.) You mentioned wanting to use high-capacity DIMMs in this build. One downside to a bulky air cooler is it makes it more difficult to get good airflow over the DIMMs. High-capacity modules will have more heat to dissipate, so I would hesitate in suggesting air cooling temporarily until you find a suitable AIO.

Thanks for the tips @voltara. I have purchased that SP5 AIO from Silverstone as I was going to build with it on the Epyc platform. I’ll return it later this week when I get back home as I’m going to thread ripper.

I really want to go AIO for the silence. I looked on that list, but idk why most of them are showing there while their websites say they are TR4 only. For example, the NZXT and Thermaltake both are TR4 :frowning:

The case I’m going to use is the Fractal Define 7 XL. So I’ll either mount the rad in the front, or put it in the top with 3 Noctua Fans in the front. Probably the latter. That will give good airflow for memory/VRM. Not going to overclock it. It is essentially a home server with VMs and a bunch of NVMe storage and GPUs so I can experiment with AI.

Before you return you could purchase this: Silverstone SST-XE360-SP6-BRACKET for XE360-4677/Xe360-SP5 Water Cooler and modify the AIO. Just a thought.

VERY interesting! Thanks!

However, they don’t offer international shipping apparently (I live in Brazil). If they had overnight shipping I could get one since I’m in Florida right now, returning Saturday morning. :frowning:

Seems it’s also available on ebay?

Yeah they are there, but there is a vacation warning on their posts on eBay :frowning:

This isn’t helpful right now, but cooler master is supposed to be coming out with a dual pump AIO eventually.
SPR version which is also not available:

TT lists SP6/sTR5 compatibility if you go into their specification section of the site for the AIO.

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Tried it but can’t find to ship to Brazil. Tbh, even Amazon on USA doesn’t have that TR4 variant, so I’ve skip it.

I bought the adapter plate @strh suggested for the Silverstone one. Found out their website ship internationally, had already place the order. Hopefully they get back from vacation soon and ship it :smiley:

Having high expectations on this TR Pro build now :smiley: I know it is not a full fact but all the comparisons in terms of benchmarks of this TR are way better than the Epyc one I was going to get except the core count which is a bit smaller.

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Just arrived the mobo and CPU :slight_smile:

Can’t power the system ON since I have no cooler here but everything seems to be fine. Got them with a premium from B&H but that was the only trustworthy place I could find. Wasn’t feeling safe paying 10k in a CPU from eBay, got scammed there before.

Now have to wait to get back home and for the AIO adapter to land. Hopefully next week.

Thank you all for the help! Will update as the build is finished :slight_smile:

Only one thing I found weird.

The other sticks aren’t getting properly detected. I guess it is because I haven’t powered up so the training happen. Got 8x 96Gb DDR5 RDIMM 4800 from NEMIX (basically Micron modules). Will see…

OMG, Just realized. It is detecting as 7965WX 24 Cores! o.O Not 7995WX 96 Cores. WTH