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[Thread Club] Cinema - SPOILERS - Discussion] District 9

This is the official District 9 discussion thread. Once you watch it feel free to have discourse here.

Be warned. this will have spoilers of the film!!!

I am in the middle of watching it for the first time since it first came out.


Im in the middle of this and this is my reaction so far.

So far, this is a parallel to reality at the abuse of military and corporations. Replace animal lab testing with the aliens.

We were promised a certain amount of years. Its been several years since the promised return.

For a sequel?

Are you finished watching?

Nope. I am in the middle. I stopped will finish it tomorrow. I was watching with my dad and he had to go home.

@psycho_666 Are you planning on watching this?

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Yeah, back in the day when it came out I heard a lot of good things about this movie, but never seen it, so now I have a reason to. This thing will close a lot of gaps in my Cinema knowledge…


The director of this was supposed to also make a live action Halo movie if memory serves correctly. And this movie was supposed to showcase his skills as a demo for the Halo people because he lacks credentials.

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Is another coming out? I remembered what happened besides the ending.
Major spoiler alert.

Christopher I knew made it to the mothership. Wikus turned into a full alien I didn’t remember.

I liked the movie. Character development for the shitty human in the beginning to G in the end. I think it really is a down to earth gritty alien story. It has to do with a holocaust. But no nazis involved. Ummm, I think it should have a sequel but who knows. Maybe it is best left completed as just District 9. A single film.


I enjoy Blomkamps work. I think that he has one of the best visions and directorial style in the industry. He does a great job of working with whatever budget or scope he has.


I forgot the exact amount of years of the alien’s promise to return (and presumably revert Wikus back) but its been 12 years since the last movie.

Neil also has some weird video clips as a demo for steam (sort of a kickstarter for his movies but it never got anywhere). I forgot the exact name, but Sigourney Weaver was there in one of his short clips(about aliens, of course). And there also was this weird Vietnam War clip where a soldier with crazy luck goes against a war shocked river god. Yep it was that crazy.