Thoughts on the Cooler Master Elite 430?

Title says it all.

Looking into a relatively modestly priced case, and the 430 caught my eye.


(also as a side note, does anyone know of any 4-pin power adapters to wire extra fans directly to the PSU?)

Not having a 4/8 pin power cable cutout is a right pain in these. If you were dead keen on buying there at that price something like the Silverstone Raven RV03B case would be I think a better choice. Way better build quality, good quality fans as well.

Fans directly off the PSU > Just use fan to molex adapters off your existing cables. Search the bin outside any PC store and there will be heaps in there. 

Another case to look at is the Corsair 200R $49.99 after rebate.


The Corsair 200R is available at the Frys I go to, so I'll probably jump on that.

Just to clarify, what exactly do you mean by a 4/8 pin power cable cutout?

Do you mean the rubber grommets?

No he means a hole cut out of the backplate the motherboard rests on to feed cpu power plug up behind the backplate.

For instance here is the cut out for the 200r

Ah. Gotcha.