Thoughts on stopping police abusing power. Or atleast catching them doing it

        So I had an idea while watching a video about the occupy wall street protest/movement. Usually these protests are ended by police and SWAT coming in and breaking everything up. Now I'm sure everyone is aware that the police like to abuse their power and in a lot of situations sometimes harming people or damaging/destroying people property. After something like this happens people sometimes can't get compensation for their damaged items, or injuries to themselves caused by police brutality. It seems to me that people often don't have enough evidence to use against the police or anyone else involved. So then I thought why doesn't someone set up some cameras that are constantly recording to some database of some sort where all the feed is being stored. So then I thought why not make a website for it. Just have a place where anytime something like this is happening people can constantly stream to it, this way even if something gets destroyed or someone gets harmed there is evidence of it in some way. Imagine if there was some app where you could just start recording and whatever you record is stored somewhere. So when you had that video of a police officer unnecessarily beating on someone and they confiscate your phone which then later turns up broken beyond repair, you still have that video and can use it later on. Or if you were to have a website for this you could have people set up accounts and make events and things like that kinda like facebook but a lot more user-friendly and less focused on all the useless shit in society. So lets say someone posted on the forum that they wanted to have a protest at a certain area at a certain time and wants other people to come. when people show up you have some cameras constantly streaming to the site that other people can view and is also being saved. One camera goes down well its ok because someone else on the other side of the protest or whatever is happening is also streaming to this site so there is always some evidence of what is happening. Obviously this has more uses than just protest and rallies. This was just a thought but hopefully this happens someday, I'd love to hear peoples thoughts about this. 



Your point is having camera setup in the entire town? What is this? Big brothers?


Or an app recording to a database?

You would mostlikely need to pay a monthly fee, have great internet connection, and a decent camera.

Not what I meant at all.

I am sorry if you don't understand what I was trying to say, I would try to explain it better but it would be way to long.