Thoughts on old HP Workstation XW6000?

So someone just brought this to me to take a look at and the HDD turned out to be end-of-life. They've been using it as a desktop PC to browse the web. 

Anyone know anything about it? It seems really interesting. It has TWO Intel Xeon 2.4GHz CPUs and apparently gigabit ethernet. The HDD was just a basic IDE 5400 RPM 60GB , though. 

From what I've found on it, it looks like it was made around 2004. Anyone know how much they would have cost back then?

HP Workstation xw6000 x6x/2.4/36s/1/xd us

Dem sexy ribbon cables ...

Yeah , dual xeons would have cost a lot , maybe even up to 2K range ( depending on other specs )