Thoughts on my upgrade plan?

What's up guys? I'm back in the build a PC section to ask everyones opinion on my upgrade plan. Since I'm getting a nice chunk of money soon, I thought I might as well upgrade my PC since it's more of a "Max settings on 720p" build that I made a little while back with some spare cash I had saved up. Since I only have a a 1280x1024 monitor, 720p was basically the max 16:9 resolution I could get anyway. The thing is, I'm getting a new 1080p monitor soon, and I want to be able to really take advantage of that real estate, and a few side monitors.

This is my current build:

As you can see, it's nothing to brag about. The case is great for a crap ton of air flow, but it has like, no features besides the gigantic 230mm fans, but it gets me by, serves it's purpose. 

So, my upgrades went from, upgrade the CPU and GPU, to basically getting an entirely new rig, and I want to hear some opinions on it. Just like, what you would change, weather it be for some nicer aesthetics, or higher quality parts. Money isn't really an issue with this one, but i don't want to spend a crap ton of money for stuff I know I won't need.

Rig will be used for heavy gaming, light editing, and maybe some streaming in the future.


Two thoughts : I would make sure to get the 290X with the three fans. Also, the 290 non X looks to be a really good card as well, especially if you are going to overclock and get the 3 fan cooler for around $80-$100 cheaper. Good luck with the build!

oh, i thought only the 290x get mantle support...whoops. Might get the 290 just to save a few bucks... thanks for the tip.

290 performs almost the same as the 290X.  I would go with the 290.

All amd cards within the past few years will have mantle support.  Pretty much all Raedon HD 7xxx cards, and the R7 and R9 series will support mantle.