Thoughts on Cheap Mouse with Avago ADNS-9800

Well this post is more of a half questionnaire half anecdote.

I ordered a Utechsmart Avago 9800 Mouseoff of newegg for $31 to replace an ailing Sidewinder X8 and X5.

And long story short, it's amazing,


Adjustable Polling Rate - 1000hz
Great DPI Switching - - + and - Sliding button  with 4 LED indicator to show you what your DPI is at. 
Comes with Tin containing 6 Small Weights that fit into mouse.
Tilt Wheel (Standard but meh)
Adjustable Color on Palm Light
Replacement Set of Mouse Feet
Rubberized Click Surface and High Quality Exterior.
Side buttons have VERY Natural Placement, Great for my HRV in Blacklight and Kayle Ult selfcast in League of Legends. 
Braided cloth cable for durability and no cable drag! 
Gold Plated USB for lifespan.


DPI Control on software a little buggy at the moment. (Relatively new product though, STILL BETTER THAN RAZER SYNAPSE.)  Hardware DPI works fine though.

I'm just a little stunned I guess, it has pretty much every single feature of a luxury mouse except for the brandname and I saved enough to buy one for a friend.

Questions to those who made it this far?

Any similar experiences with buying unheard of brands and being pleasantly surprised?
Any other peripherals or products that I can benefit from buying offbrand with no downsides, any cheapo mechanical keyboards?