Thoughts on ASUS Maximus V GENE

Can pull a bit of money out of my ass, so I was thinking about getting an i7 3770k and the ASUS ROG Maximus V GENE. So what are your thoughts on the Maximus V GENE?

Well, the ROG boards are always great quality, but I would rather get a socket 2011 motherboard for that price.


if you need a smaller form factor mb... not many better.

Gene is a beast of a board and the redline audio design ( SupremeFX III ) really is better than anything out there i offers the performance and driving stregth of a discrete card.

Additionally nice plus points like quality fan control ( supporting 3 pin and 4 pin control per header ), advanced digital power delivery and control and high performing components.

As Andrew noted if you are looking at mATX board it is the best on the Z77 platform. Keeping that in mind though there is huge of amount fo features and functionality that even standard ATX motherboard do not offer.

Also if you intend to OC the VRM and UEFI are unmatched in the performance tuning and stability. You can set it and forget it CPU Level Up has profiles up to 4.6GHz in a click of a button. Your main limiting factor is going to be thermals in regards to max OC.

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps.