Thoughts on Android vs iOS

So yesterday I whent over to a friends place to check out his iPad 4. I've been considering buying it for my 10 inch tablet for a while, but I wanted to try one before I droped 600$ on a 32gb wifi version.

Basically, I wasn't terribly impressed. To give them credit, the iPad 4 is a well built machine and the high rez screen is very nice. But compared to android I couldent find and specific reason that would compel me to get an iPad.

The first obvious differance is the home button on the iPad. After using my Nexus 7 for almost four months now I've gotten used to just taping on the bottom portion of the screen, and I find it looks a lot better without a big circular button interupting the surface of the tablet.

The other thing I didn't like about the iPad is the fact that there is no real file system. On my Nexus 7 I can get a program such as ES File Explorer which not only allows me to browse the root of my storage, but also allows me to browse shared drives over my network and transfer files back and forth. To Apple's credit, they do have programs such as Airplay that seem to accomplish the same thing kind of, but only for media. 

Thirdly, another thing I didn't like was the fact that certain icons on the iPad's main icon pane are unremovable (Newstand anyone?). There are some icons on Android that are inremovable, but at least they remain hidden in the application screen. 

Overall, the iPad felt like a toy. The whole OS just reminded me of something I would find on a console. Android just feels like a more full fledged operating system. And the argument that all the apps are just upscaled phone apps or that there is not a good selection of apps on the Goodle Play Store is simply not true anymore.

So I think my final decision is that I won't be getting an iPad 4. But I also won't be buying a 10 inch android tablet any time soon either. I simply refuse to accept 1280x800 on anything greater than my 7 inch Nexus 7. And the Nexus 10 is great and all, but it the battery life could be better and lack of a microSD card slot makes me mad.

I think I want to wait and see what the Galaxy Tab 3 will look like, or see if getting a windows tablet might be viable in the next few months.

So, TLDR; After spending an afternoon at a friends place with his iPad 4, I've layed down any inclinations to buy one. Android 4.2.2 is a great OS, but I won't settle for any of the current android tablets right now. 


id go for a ubuntu tablet

To long to explain so I'll just break it down to this.

If you have money to spend then buy an ipad, if you want to know what youre geting for your money get an asus transformer.

No, my whole point is that I do have the money and I don't want to get an iPad. It's not like the high end android tablets are that much cheaper than what the iPad's go for. 

And I do know what I am getting, the transformer prime is not an option for a variety of reasons. Mainly no apps will be using a 16:10 aspect ratio. Next gen android tablets will be using screens similar to that in the Nexus 10. That is what I'm waiting for.

But as far as operating systems go, from my experience Android seems to do everything and more than iOS. Android on my Nexus 7 does everything my friends iPad does and more, with an interface that doesn't resemble a kid's gaming console.

Im not sure what you mean about the aspect ratio, all apps scale fine across those devices and 10in tablets own a huge chuck of the market and likely to stay that way.

Im running an Ubuntu 12.10 / Android 4.1 dual boot on my Asus TF300T(with keyboard dock) and i'm absolutely in love with it. If im at school and need to take some notes down or finish off an assignment quickly ios nor android is really up to the task, with my tf300t I can just reboot into ubuntu as easy as a normal pc, and fire up libre office.

It gives a complete laptop experience with tablet portability and also 15+ hours battery life. Personally cant stand tablets on their own, in my case i need the keyboard dock for anything that requires me to be some what productive.

yup, I have the TF201. app scaling is not a problem. I don't know what sort of retarded apps you were shown that not scale, but I dont have those. loving the keyboard battery, something the ipads can suck on most. wonderfull for use since its "always on". From watching movies to listening to music or drawing to  writing documents with comfort and even software debuging. I always find more ways to push its abilities to the limits to use its full potencial:) sadly dough I'm still scared to root,unlock it cause for now I'm good and I don't wanna fuck it up somehow. I would LOVE to try out ubuntu on it! but for now the best entertainment I can get from it is just using "Tablet remote" app(it's on google play) witch lets you almost fully control your tablet via bluetooth,wifi with your android phone:D

Anyway, I got it as a gift so I'm not force marketing it, but I just wanted to state that its probably the best tablet experiance you can get.

About the none-removable icons in Android, you can disable the apps in settings and they won't show up in your app drawer.

Sounds like you're still happy with your Nexus 7. In that case I'd actually wait for either the next Galaxy Tab or the next Transformer.