Thoughts About The Logitech Z623

Been eyeing these speakers for a while. Any comments about how these perform or is there anything better within the same price range as these($130)?

I don't think there is, especially considering they are $110 on Amazon w/ free shipping:

my pair had numerous glitches and cutouts. took them back, if you can get a non dodgy pair then they're great.

I've had mine for about 10 months now, they've been awesome so far I haven't had any problems with them, just a few grumpy neighbors. They have a solid crunch and the sub isn't overpowering but provides enough kick to feel the bass and the speakers are crisp and clear. I paid about $130 Canadian, on a boxing day sale so I'm quite satisfied with them

My roommate a couple years ago had/has them. I thought the satellites were usable, but not great, and the sub way overpowered the satellites unless you had the sub specifically set to a pretty low volume.

We were in what was essentially a concrete box, so your specific environment may sound different.

They are absolutely fantastic and very robust. I've had them outside in the dirt with an extention cable playing music outside and they were great, i've moved them all over the place and I just find them fantastic tbh.