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Thought experiment: Making SLC SSD from MLC, TLC or QLC drive

Why? Purely for science. That and I cling to the conspiracy theory that SLC is vastly superior for using NAND as cold storage.

I had an epiphany when I first read about dynamic SLC cache for SSD’s: the NAND doesn’t determine the bit depth, the controller does, and this can be changed.

So the question is, is there a way for a user to change the bit-depth on any consumer drives, whether officially supported, or through hackery?

It sounds like it is perfectly reasonable theoretically.

Here is a drive that is like that-

Although the write endurance is not as much better as I would have expected, so I guess there is a reason that it is pseudo-SLC not SLC. If you manage to dig up more information, this could be a very interesting topic.

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Where I would start is looking up your specific ssd controller and learning ewerything you can about it. What chipset is it based on, what is the pinout, can it be flashed, etc. Either you can, most likely, reflash the controller, or solder on a different one. The latter option is… difficult.

Personally, I’m well past the point of being concerned about write endurance, even QLC far exceeds what I could reasonably write to a drive over an expected lifetime, even accounting for logfile spamming.

Though even after reading the article I’m confused as to what pseudo SLC means?