This War of Mine. A game about War but not about the soldiers

So what you guys played This War of Mine? If so what did you think of it? The game is getting a 10/10 on steam so it must be great.

Links for those who don't know what it is:



Yeah I heard this game is great but super grim. but if you are into having your feelz poked go for it, just be cause I have little feelz it is not for me*, but it seems good though.

* I have feelings I am not a psychopath:3

The feels when I took the old peoples stuff was to much for me. The first time I ran into them I killed them before they spoke because I thought they were gonna kill me QQ.

Looks pretty good. I like this kind of thing. Sort of a grim look at the human heart. Prob why i enjoyed Spec Ops: The Line so much and Far Cry 3. Although, arguably, the latter wasn't as grim. Although you do kind of end up a monster. 

I'll check it out. $19.99 though. Maybe I'll wait for a sale. God I am a cheap bastard. Steam sales have gotten me used to paying $4.99 for all my games.

I've gotten at least 20 hours out of it and for $20 I consider that a steal. Of course you could always look at the G2A sites and what not for it to be cheaper.