ThinkPads: why so many series?

I was checking out Lenovos ThinkPads the other day and I was wondering how their naming scheme works.

There are quite a lot of series and I got confused about what sets them apart. So far I have seen series E, L, P, W, T and X in addition to their newer line of "Yoga" laptops.

Can someone who knows about ThinkPads well explain me what these models represent or for whom they are designed?

This article should help


Thanks this helped! :smiley:

Right, so heres the breakdown.

T P W and X all have the carbide cases, E and L are plastic cases.
T is the more expensive version of the L series / the other way around.
T is the Workstation version / The Modders love hole / Not really anything. Bread and butter sort of thing.
L is for office, but stupid cheap in comparison.
W from what I have used are towards mobile workstations
X are for office only
E is just available
P is the holy fuck machine

Yogas are to make the hipsters shut up.

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I guess I should look for the carbide ones, right?

So if I need a decent mobile workstation, I should go for T or P? (I heard that the W series has been discontinued last year.)

How is battery-life on those? I'm not necessarily looking for a MacBook-Air-like battery-life but since I am planning to install Linux on it, I need something decent to begin with, since Linux isn't necessarily known for power optimization. :wink:
However, I would install a fairly recent kernel that is supposed to improve on that.

Edit: I saw the T470p which claims around 12 hours, so that might be a good option:

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