Thinking That Logan Should Release a Death Metal Inspired Tek Syndicate Shirt. Opinions?

Who else agrees that Logan or anyone who's in charge at tek syndicate who know's a good few things or two about metal logo's should make Death Metal styled shirt to be put up on the store?  I for one would love it! I can just imagine a Cradle of Filth or Behemoth or Bathory or something like like inspired shirt! It'd be awesome! and such a great sort of inside joke :D Or even something like the old Impending Doom logo would be pretty brutal and funny :p And i'm not kidding, i would buy this shirt with no hesitation! Feel free to suggest any other potential designs for a metal inspired shirt down bellow! It'd be awesome to get some other input on this :)

I'm a deathmetal logo artist myself *hint, hint teksyndicate*, and I think Logan totally should!

That would be awesome! Would definitely buy a Metal style logo shirt!

Haha you should totally whip up a couple or something in case Logan sees this thread and needs some ideas!

Couldn't agree more :D

I just hope they sort the shop out soon, as i can't get anything sent here (UK) yet.

Yusss! More fellow metal heads! :D also i just thought that a 'the faceless' design would work quite well possibly too. You could have the word 'tek' where 'the' would be and 'syndicate' where 'faceless' would be.

hmm that's annoying, are they still using district lines?

As broke as I am I would love this.

Absolutely, the Syndicate needs to embrace it's dark side and not hide it chained up in this forum.

haha yes exactly!!

Hmm, how about we talk about some of our favourite bands and logo concepts for tek syndicate until this thread gets noticed?

Death metal shirt would be great! ... But the site is password protected ...

I would also buy...if they were ever in stock and have my size. Seriously hope the store situation is corrected.