Thinking of putting gaming Rig in a rack in a diffrent room

First of all, i have no idea if this ended up on the right forum. But Hey, lets give it a try.

So I am i need of moving my gaming rig to a temperature controlled room that is just a few meters a way, (but cable ducts and so on its more likeley to be like 15m)

My thought is that i want to run Thunderbolt4 in the ducts to a “dockingStation” that connects to my monitors and gaming peripherals that i have on my desk. Problem i am having tho is that i am struggling to find High quality Thunderbolt4 cables that are long.
My monitors are 2560x1440 @ 165hz (and gsync)so it would be nice to be able keep that.

Reason for going with Thunderbolt 4 is that it also carry peripheral data, so i dont have to runt another cable, i already have to run 2 cables (i guesss(?) ) , since i have 2 monitors at that resolution.

So Any1 have suggestions on cables? or alternative solutions?

If this is in the wrong forum, please help me out finding right forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Forum!

The issue with Thunderbolt Cables is that IIIRC you’ll have to look for Optical Cables at that length, at least I haven’t come across any others yet.

And that gets expensive very quickly, an Optical Cable from Corning costs 300 Euros at that length.
You would put a Dock at the End that can output the Resolution to both monitors, which would also not be cheap.

If I was you, I’d look into getting two DisplayPort and a USB Type C Cable too and compare the total price.

Thanks man!

I am aware of the cable cost tbh, and ofc the dock, Not surprising to be honest,

biggest reason for looking at thunderbolt is that what the cable tunnel is kinda narrow, and most DP cables are kinda “big” så it gets difficult. but I am ofcourse looking at that solution aswell.

Will look into corining cables, I was trying to find what “manufacturer” to go for :slight_smile:

following this thread, got a similar setup atm using parsec to remote into my gaming PC that’s rack mounted but the TB dock idea seems Intresting! Keep us updated of how it goes!

Linus Tech Tips has some content on this stuff since Linus has done the same thing for his home office.

May want to look that up on YouTube.

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That is getting into Optical cable territory though, and very special niche optical extenders.

yes, it will probably be “optical thunderbolt cables” but the current cables that croning has are atm Thunderbolt 3, and i want something abit more future proof for this usecase, and thats why i wondering about TB 4 cables :smiley:
Anyone have suggestions?

ye but in the latest videos i havent seen him stating what cables he actually are using, or have I just not been paying enough attention? :slight_smile:

ye i saw that one, still not thunderbolt 4 (yet) :wink:

any1 know if its possible to run 2 x 2560x1440 @144-165hz through Thunderbolt 3 ? (also carrying usb signals)

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1440p 144Hz requires 15 Gbit/s of bandwidth each, so that should be possible with [email protected]

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock Mini can do 1440p144 on the display port, I’m unsure about the HDMI port.

Can’t guarentee it’ll work, but I suspect an Infiniband optical cable could be made to work. Would require a decent amount of DIY work to even try. 4 sets of differential signal pairs, 40Gbit, that lines up… only reason I think it may be possible.

I think your best bet, if you can fit it in the conduit, are 2x Dp cables and one fiber for the USB … will not be cheap though, about 500USD for the DP cables, and 2K for the USB 3 extender (1K if you can do with USB2) …:

Dp 1.4 Active cable:

Icron USB extender over optical cable (USB3):


This will use Fiber (12 strand fiber, but it’s 60USD for 15 meters):

but it’s 1900USD a pair … ugh !

What’s the latency looking like with the TB3 and TB4?