Thinking of getting a tablet

Hello all. I am thinking of getting a tablet after my experience using one for school this year. We were given ipad mini's for school (granted the "school" programs we used were horrid and made the whole process of doing work and getting it turned in and graded much slower and inefficient but that is aside the point).

Which using the ipad we were given i saw many possibilities of usage in terms of having a tablet and since most of the free games on iOS are trash (where as i find much more quality free games on android) i would want to get a android tablet.

My budget is around 150-200$. I was looking at the Asus Nexus 7, which appeared to me to be pretty quality, though i dont know if i were to get it if i should go with the 2012 or the 2013.


Any other suggestions of equal or better tablets in that price range?

Of it is a toss up between the 2012 and 13 get the 13. I am on one right now although not mine. If you are going to game on it spend the little extra and get the 32gb version. The system usually eats a chunk so a 16gb will only have 10 free after startup. There is also no SD card slot so the 32 really is worth it.

The screen is wonderful and I played some GTA San Andreas on it when it was first out and it ran very well. All the best of android with updates from Google and should you want it some great custom ROMs. For me it is one of the best tablets going. 

Maybe you consider a windows tablet? I currently have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and its a pretty good device, It has a resolution of 800x1200 so the Nexis 7 2013 has it beat on the resolution. It has a MicroSD card slot with up to 64GB compatibility. The Dell Venue 8 Pro also has a full version of Windows 8.1, not Windows RT. It also comes with a full version of Microsoft Office 2013 Student.  LINK

Dell also has some Android tablets, I am not too sure how the perform because the Android system is running off an x86 processor opposed to ARM Based processor. Here is the android variant: LINK

is the 2013 really worth it because there is a bit of a price gap. the 2013 (32GB) costs about 220$ and the 2012 (32GB) costs about 145$

In truth I have not used the 2012 model but when I was buying the 2013 one for my mum I did look up the differences those facts escape me right now but I can give you this.

That is most of the relevant specs between the two. Key points are the CPU, GPU and RAM all of which are on the low side in the 2012 model for modern day games. The Tegra 3 seems not to stand up to time. 

The best Tablet in that range is, well it's not in that range but I would buy the Nexus 7 (2013). Compared to all the other tablets including its previous model it's got everything the others have and more minus the sd card slot. The upgrade to the 2013 edition is worth it, the screen is so much better, not just the resolution but the quality and color of it. It will also get newer updates longer and be a much better "experience".

Also to. Anyone that has bought tablets (specifically amazon) do they tend to get good sales?


getting the nexus 7 is at the bottom of my purchasing priorities, at the earliest I would be buying it in the fall, is there any chance a good sale might pop up inbetween now and then and what kind of sale might I be looking at for a tablet in that price range?

Nexus 7. Only good tablet that fits your budget.


Asus t100 people... 11 hour battery life, super light weight, and full windows 8.1

I got one and I love it. It is less than $400 and comes with a keyboard, and you can use portable storage on it too. (microSD up to 128GB)