Thinking about switching to AT&T: Phone Trade-in question

I currently have Verizon cellular service, but I’m considering getting AT&T since I don’t have service at my cabin with Verizon (but there is sufficient AT&T service out there).

I currently have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra that’s paid off. It’s unlocked and will work with AT&T.

I’m going to make the move back to an iPhone. If history is any indication, the iPhone 16 will be released in September. AT&T will give me $700 worth of trade-in value for my Note 20 (granted it’s a monthly credit over 36 months).

  1. Is it likely that AT&T will give this same amount of credit off the new iPhone 16 when it releases?

  2. Is it likely that AT&T will give me the trade-in credit if I sign up now and upgrade my phone in a few months?