Thinking about building a gaming pc for first time

USB 3.1 is going to be more important than some gaming gimmicks, if you want gaming gimmicks go for the Fatal1ty Boards from ASrock

Gigabyte H170 board, basically the ATX version of the budget board I link a lot, seriously though, that budget board is like the shit for 1151 boards.

And then ya link a NEX PSU lol, people hate those ones

here this one is an EVGA GQ 650W Gold 80+ Semi Modular, better at only $69.99


Ah interesting didn't know that saw the gold certified and fully modular wasn’t aware that they had such issues.

That looks great for a first build! The boot up time with an ssd is worth the $48 you had there. At this price, it's a great machine to get you going long enough to realize you need to drop $2500-$3000 on an updated rig a year down the road. It's addictive:)

Better 80+ rating means better efficiency (though most ppl are just fine w/ bronze). Cable management inside the case doesn't have an effect on airflow... but it does help reduce dust accumulation.

It depends on where the extra cables have to go if you don’t have space on the other side of the case and you have to shove all the excess cables up front it would begin to block the air flow of the intake fans. But my psu has already been shot down so kind of a moot point now.

Linus (or Luke rather) did a video not too long ago that showed a temp increase only after packing the case w/ gpu boxes right in front of the fans. Even by throwing in a ton of cables that did nothing in the main compartment there was no increase in temps.

Just found the video pretty interesting so I concede the point.


Ok I changed mobo and psu. What difference am I gonna get using that mobo vs the h110? Is it worth the extra $60 or so to go with that mobo and psu vs this setup?

Also had someone tell me that they had a bunch of issues trying to use AMD graphics card with Intel setup. What kind of problems should I expect with the r9 380x?

Well that makes no sense

otherwise the H170 version is more expensive, has extra stuff on it mostly power delivery and more sata and junk, look up the chipset differences, but if you don't need all that, and you get a locked CPU like that one with only a 65W TDP the h110 should be fine.

Also prices change quickly, there's a 380 4GB Sapphire card for $170, I'd go for this over the 380X now

No problems... The person having issues was probably just a Newb.