Think outside the box

Have you guys ever considered thinking outside the box in your attempt to raise funds for tex sydicate??? Just a few examples 


X dollar donation= Free t-shirt or coffee cup.

X dollar donation= 10 min phone call from Logan, or another staff member

x dollar donation= Logan doing something harmless and silly. Say walking into a apple store and asking them if they will put windows 8 touch screen on a possible purchase of a I phone.


Sky is the limit with the ideas that other users can come up with, and its a win/win situation, Donations may in crease and fans may get access to something unique. Just a thought. 

I like the idea of the t-shirt thing, but I kinda have a problem with the " I pay you, now entertain me.... my clowns" stuff. I would say, that the donation thing like "tek support" and the "PITCHIN donations" are pretty solid - so far. What would be a nice thing - in my opinion - would be a poll made by the comunity every half year, where you can request videos / content. You have to vote with donations. Finally the thing that gets the most donations will get a video / series of videos. In this way the comunity gets videos / content they desire and the tek-team isn't forced to to stuff they dont approve, since they could filter the poll. Also the money earned by the poll could fund the content.