Things Could Get A Lot Worse for the British News Reporting Industry

@wendell you were looking for interesting news.

So the outcome is not know at this moment. The time for change was today (10-Jan-17) so verdict is still out.

Section 40 in a nutshell makes it so any legal action taken against a publication and the fees as a result of the legal action must be covered by the defending publication, for both sides, even if the defending publication wins the legal battle.

Someone does not like that you are reporting about them? Well they simply have to threaten legal action now and the matter will be dropped by the publication or face potentially huge legal fees as a result which could end the publication entirely.

Woo strike up another one for sane and logical legal systems...

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I swear down UK is going into deeper shitter year by year.



How is this presented to the public? With what excuse?

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Enter pirate/gorilla publishing...

Edit: Ever watched "Pirate Radio" ? (fantastic film)


But, But, how else are they supposed to combat fake news!?


Think of the children? Seems to be the only excuse they can come up with these days...

State-approved press regulator? That's political talk for government censorship.


Teamed up with good old personal grudges and an army on payrole to back them up. State sponsored and personally run for profit.