Thin Gaming laptop

So I have been digging through the interwebz looking for a decent sub $2k thin gaming laptop. i have looked at the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro. I have looked at Gigabyte and AORUS and Dell. And i have just now seen the ASUS strix.


Have you specifically seen the gigabyte areo 14?

Its brand new to the market, so you might have missed it.

It has great specs, massive battery, in a 14 inch 1440p body.

i am curious how much of a performance hit there is with a 970m vs the 980m and how a 970m would handle a 4k or 1440p display. I see many laptops that are 4k gaming IPS with a 970m.

Have you looked at the Razer laptops?

Myself I might get one of these with the Razer Core external personally I rarely ever find myself actually using my laptop for gaming sessions but I would like to have gaming as a function if I so need it.

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970m will be fine for 1440p as long as it isnt always thermal throttling

those look nice except that the RAM is soldered on the mobo which means, you are stuck with the RAM you get. Not cool.

What have you heard about Gigabyte vs ASUS vs MSI quality wise? How do they hold up? My current Lenovo G570 is still running after 5 years. Granted the Core i3 sandybridge is rather sluggish these days and the laptop doesnt seem to like SSDs.

Sager , Eurocom?

living in the USA

I'm shopping for the same and I'm leaning toward the Asus strix. Seems to have good build quality and a good IPS display. One of the RAM slots is soldered but the other is upgradable, but I think 16Gb is the max supported memory anyway.

I watched reviews by Dave Lee on YouTube and it seems a better choice for me over the MSI option.

That's a pretty solid choice IMO.